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ITT: we list cool pokemon amie interactions

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User Info: panda360

4 years ago#11
Touching a Snovers' head will freeze your hand.

User Info: Crystal_pony

4 years ago#12
mewtwo hate it head being touched
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

4 years ago#13
cndrow posted...
The_Dragonw posted...
Gengar eating. Just, Gengar eating.

Also, when I pet Gengar, the hand becomes ghostly!

Yeah the Gastly / Haunter / Gengar line you don't actually touch at all. Your hand goes through them. Makes sense, considering they're ghost pokemon that, at least for Gastly, are made of poisonous gas. They seem to enjoy having you inside them, though...
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User Info: krystyla

4 years ago#14
Frogadier is really perverted if you stroke his groin he looks up and opens and closes his mouth in ascending frequency...
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User Info: banjo kazooie

banjo kazooie
4 years ago#15
Tali_Zorah posted...
They seem to enjoy having you inside them, though...

Oh my.
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User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

4 years ago#16
krystyla posted...
Obviously ash and Brock imagining a well cooked magikarp

Pokemon Amie, not anime. ;)

On topic, let's just say that we all know Jynx is called the human shape Pokemon. Well, she enjoys being rubbed in the same places a human female would. (God, I feel so dirty...) ._.
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User Info: firehockey91

4 years ago#17
You can't feed shedinja. Thought it was clever they took the time to do that

User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#18
I think petting the cloud on Drifloon's head has the same effect as petting Gastly/Haunter/Gengar, and you get a different sound petting it than you would from anywhere else on its body.

Like mentioned before, Gulpin gulping down food in one bite.

I've seen special sleeping animations for Lucario and female Meowstic. Meowstic lies flat on the ground on its stomach, and slowly gets up when you wake it up. Lucario is sitting while it sleeps, and looks up at you when you wake it up.

When you pet the fluffy white fur around Yveltal's neck, it closes its eyes and opens its mouth as if to say "Yeah, that's the spot!" It's cute and kind of funny coming from the personification (Pokemonification?) of death.

I like how if you touch the screen beside most Pokemon and drag it around, they'll open their mouths and tilt their heads to follow your hand.

Finally, this:
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