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Predict the Tier, Day 6: Vivillon

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User Info: VaironGod

3 years ago#11
It is a better Butterfree. If it is in NU then Vivillon to Butterfree is gonna become what Beautifly to Mothim today.

I say RU and it won't go any higher because Venomoth outclasses it with Baton Pass.
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

3 years ago#12
Man does this thing have bad stats and typing. It does have some cool tricks though, with Baton Pass, Quiver Dance, 91% accurate Hurricanes, and Sticky Web. It might make a good showing in RU as the premier Sticky Web user, but if its typing and stats hold it back too much it will probably be NU.

EDIT: Actually, is it confirmed that Vivilon can even learn Sticky Web? If not, then it's most likely NU.
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User Info: Pitbuller_26

3 years ago#13

User Info: Alexoneill77777

3 years ago#14
It will be like venomoth and go uu.
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User Info: BabySh0es

3 years ago#15
Only 45% said talonflame goes to ou? I hope some of those votes were for uber i guess (even tho its not quite that good). Srs though talonflame is terrifying when used right. Easily ou.

As for vivillion i say ru due to quiver dance and hurricane since it gets compound eyes. Initial bulk too low for uu though
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