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Your least favorite type and favorite Pokemon of that type

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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#11
Fairy, Xerneas I guess.
PSN: TheUndying84

User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#12
Ice, Weavile

User Info: IceCold1993

4 years ago#13
poison Gengar
(US) PSN: AyoAgito
3DS fc: 5257-9502-7385

User Info: oO_Stryfe_Oo

4 years ago#14
Normal and Rock aren't my style.

Exploud and Cradily are awesome.

Granted, this is coming from someone who doesn't play competitively, and I just saw how Exploud looks with his mouth closed. Kinda wish I hadn't...

User Info: swordyoshi

4 years ago#15
Can't decide so I'll do electric dark and psychic
Psychic: Beheeyem Just don't like the color scheme, plus it makes it unmemorable
Dark: Skuntank. This pokemon just doesn't look good.
Electric: Electrode. This pokemon makes me hate it because of all the self destructs I've faced. Nothing wrong with the design since the pokeball was technically new and the pokeball could of been based of a voltorb.
May or may not be an Absol.
FC 0989-1873-4620 PM me if you add me

User Info: rinald9

4 years ago#16
Poison - Toxicroak
3DS FC: 4098 3591 5679
IGN: Rin (Safari: Pansear, Braixen, Charmeleon)

User Info: evilvideogamer

4 years ago#17
swagodile for life
3DS: 3222 5845 4482 Cory

User Info: beautheschmo

4 years ago#18
Rock: Shuckle
Koitsu wa mirai wo takusu eigo no tsurugi da! ZANKUU TENSHOUKEN!!!!

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

4 years ago#19
Normal. Used to e Granbull, but now Stoutland.
The official Royal Heir of GameFAQs!

User Info: GatedSunOne

4 years ago#20
This is an interesting topic.

Bug, and easily Volcarona. That thing revolutionized what it means to be a Bug...well, considering Scizor didn't do that already.
And on the Twelfth day of October, Arceus rose his sight skybound and declared: "LET THERE BE FAIRIES."
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