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I used to love Charizard X. Now I think he looks like crap.

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  3. I used to love Charizard X. Now I think he looks like crap.

User Info: AzurexNightmare

3 years ago#1
The fire coming out of his mouth 24/7 (even when he is shooting a red fire attack from his mouth at the same time...) is ridiculous.

If they removed it he would look much better. Charizard Y wins. do you guys feel about this being Raichu's mega evolution? It should be a bit toned down from the picture though.

this is not my artwork btw
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User Info: Azure_Flame

3 years ago#2
The art is bleh, both in terms of design and skill.

And I'll bet Mega Charizard X doesn't like you either. :/
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User Info: Solar20xx

3 years ago#3
Oh my god.

Ahaha! I was laughing so hard at that Raichu art.

Anyway, I agree. Charizard Y looks better to me.
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User Info: oO_Stryfe_Oo

3 years ago#4
I never liked MegaZard X. Too much going on. Strange color scheme.

Now Shiny MegaZard Y? That's where it's at.

Regarding MegaRaichu; it definitely needs to happen. He needs more love. Given Pikachu's popularity and whatnot, you don't see a lot of them around. Were GF to give him a Mega (instead of breaking established rules and giving one to Pikachu like how I feel they will), he'd get more attention, something I think he deserves.

Not sure how I feel about MegaChu looking like that, though. I'm all for it becoming a little more intimidating, though.

User Info: nskyliner34

3 years ago#5
He's still definitely my favourite mega and one of my fav pokemon >.>
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  3. I used to love Charizard X. Now I think he looks like crap.

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