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Hackers, you ARE ruining the game experience. Sorry.

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

3 years ago#1
Not that I'm against it per se, because I like competitive play and for those players it makes sense you don't want to spend hours constantly remaking your team, etc etc. Like I get it. I played OCTGN for mtg to practice because I didn't want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars getting cards. I thought there was a great competitive game buried under the money grab aspect. Same as with Pokemon, outside of the whole experience, within the battling aspect I find a rich competitive game.

But that is the exact problem. Pokemon isn't JUST a battling aspect. More importantly, it isn't just a single player aspect either. Built into the very franchise from the start was this heavy emphasis on connectivity with other players, with this immersion factor into the Pokemon universe, where everyone took part in it regardless of what aspect it was. Extra Credits has a good bit on this.

Trading pokemon with other people, trying to help each other breed and make "perfect" pokemon, getting those sick egg moves on the right ability and gender and stats. As well as simple trading. "Hey I got a lot of rejects". Everyone adding each other and having fun, making new friends. Sharing friend safari codes, etc. Or people shiny hunting together, stuff like that. This is all part of the Pokemon experience. Even wonder trade has a sort of "pay it forward" anonymous-good-will appeal to it.

When people start hacking or generating pokemon, shinys or not, this obviously isn't the problem.The problem becomes, and this aspect isn't arguable, you destroy the value of all these activities outside of competitive battling. Sure, you don't have a material advantage in a battle if you generated the perfect pokemon with perfect moveset, because it is attainable in game. You could make an argument that they have the advantage of getting more practice in because the time saved generating rather than breeding, but that really is more of a meta argument.

When (I would say if, but hackers are adamant about how it is only a matter of time) hacking becomes easy and the norm, and because it apparently is universally accessible (it has to be, because hackers say the argument of exclusion doesn't apply because anyone with a computer and a computer alone can generate pokemon, otherwise it would violate a BASIC clause of fair competitive play: equal access), none of the social activity will exist for those that were doing it for competitive reasons.

While some people will obviously still enjoy those activities because they find the activity in itself enjoyable, any of those activities that benefited or even required a larger social arena, WILL suffer. hacking/generating will be taking something away from that scene.

Two last points. Hackers have said that "If exclusivity is what you find valuable, you are dumb." You cannot make that argument and then turn around and make the claim "you can't tell me how to play/you can't define my morality/you can't tell me what is right." You can't sit there and define other people's values then turn around and defend yourself by saying others can't define other's values.

And lastly, people who say "Well it's gonna happen if you like it or not." This is essentially a much older argument, "might makes right." Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean it isn't going to be hurting others, or if it is, it doesn't matter that it's hurting others because you can do it. No one is arguing hacking will be inevitable, but there is a reality to the situation that some peoples game experience is going to suffer when it becomes widespread and the norm.

This is important because even for those who claim morals are subjective or unique, it doesn't change that it WILL be taking something away from others.
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User Info: SorceressTharja

3 years ago#2

User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#3
I agree entirely.
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User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#4
waaaaaay to long for me to bother reading. Im pro-hacking, as long as everything is legit looking im fine with whatever
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User Info: gunsndroses

3 years ago#5
Your tears are delicious
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User Info: MidnightCrew

3 years ago#6
Non-Hackers, you ARE ruining this board. Sorry.
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User Info: K3fk4

3 years ago#7
SorceressTharja posted...
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User Info: MaruKazeryu

3 years ago#8
I disagree but have no desire to form a rebuttal on the simple fact that neither side will ever budge on their stance and arguments on the topic will, 100% of the time, lead to nothing but petty arguing and name calling
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User Info: barklay

3 years ago#9
SorceressTharja posted...

Is it wrong that I laughed extremely hard at this, even after reading the entire post that TC made?
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User Info: Puglia77

3 years ago#10
MidnightCrew posted...
Non-Hackers, you ARE ruining this board. Sorry. Ditto Friend Safari
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