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Hackers, you ARE ruining the game experience. Sorry.

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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

3 years ago#91
PokeMin111 posted...
KeeperOfShadows posted...
Inferno05 posted...
KeeperOfShadows posted...

Please don't feed his hate. I see him in every one of these and you guys are almost always the first thing he brings up. Stop it, and he can't bring it up. See how simple it is?

Lol, who cares what he brings up? The argument is stupid on both sides. There's nothing at all being said that should be taken seriously. Sounds like a bunch of kids trying to pick out a cartoon to watch.

you'd think the actual math and logic about it, it aint illegal to hack but I'll hold it against any hacker who tries to say they're gettiing fair matches against legitimate players because it just isn't true.

But it is interesting to see how much attention is shown to the actual fact bearing posts around here. And thank you for proving my point, the only reason I bring it up is because hackers have an agenda and they're painfully predictable in arguments

"Hacking isn't fair"

"No law against it"

"But you're putting in less work and getting the same result"

"Just cutting out the RNG god"

"But what about that gen 3 event pokemon you have? you don't have a gen 3 game."

"Game freak just wants your money, man, I don't wanna have to buy all the pokemon games to compete"

"yeah but you're at an advantage, thats not really competing if you're taking a short cut"

"Nah all the pokemon I use are possible in game, its fair."

"Yeah but you have an advantage on one time only pokemon 99.999999999998% of the time"

"your tears are delicious jacksonpopcorn.gif"

Truly, if it shows anything, it's a lack of resources for argument and is a snarly way to admit defeat. They know their arguments hold no weight, but they'd be happy to hide it you blow all their "escapes" out of the question, but then they just laugh and spam gifs judging by how hard they bandwagon, it just goes to show how weak their argument really is.

Not to mention, anti-hacker posts only exist because hackers are so reluctant against actually playing the game but even more reluctant on shoving their malware down our throats and laughing at us. So who is really ruining the board?

The pointless back and forth is ruining this board. Neither side is making arguments that hold any weight, but that's to be expected when the entire ordeal is opinion-based. Isn't the whole purpose of an argument/debate to get your point across to the other side? That's already happened. If you can't change peoples minds, you're better off moving on.

All that happens now is somebody brings up hacking, hackers and anti-hackers argue like children. Literally nothing is being accomplished. Hell, even if you did change the minds of everyone on this site, good luck with the thousands of other players out there.
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User Info: gamezrochard

3 years ago#92
TheSteelPhoenix posted...

Trading pokemon with other people, trying to help each other breed and make "perfect" pokemon, getting those sick egg moves on the right ability and gender and stats. As well as simple trading. "Hey I got a lot of rejects". Everyone adding each other and having fun, making new friends. Sharing friend safari codes, etc. Or people shiny hunting together, stuff like that. This is all part of the Pokemon experience. Even wonder trade has a sort of "pay it forward" anonymous-good-will appeal to it.

When people start hacking or generating pokemon, shinys or not, this obviously isn't the problem.The problem becomes, and this aspect isn't arguable, you destroy the value of all these activities outside of competitive battling. Sure, you don't have a material advantage in a battle if you generated the perfect pokemon with perfect moveset, because it is attainable in game. You could make an argument that they have the advantage of getting more practice in because the time saved generating rather than breeding, but that really is more of a meta argument.

Subjective. I find adding people for Dittos, breeding, and sifting through millions of people asking for Xerneas if I want that stupid Gogoat tedious. Not fun. I play video games for fun, I dont give a crap how its designed. If I pick up a game and play through, and it has redeeming qualities that are overall muddied by too much garbage, that makes it a bad game because I'm not enjoying myself, overall. That comparison can be made to competitive battling. Going through everything you claim is part of the experience? Boring. Hackers choose to skip it, because we are making the game fun for ourselves.

Outside of competitive battling, pfff. Everything else outside of the battling is generally the tedious part of the game. Oh, and yeah, great argument toward saving time. "that really is more of a meta argument." Woah now, you certainly got me there!

So do tell. What are you arguing? Because you say we ruin the experience outside of battle, but the whole basis of everything outside of battles... is for battles.
Quoting the Topic Creator's original post is stupid and redundant.
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User Info: LordDamien27

3 years ago#93
Yeah, I dunno why these topics keep popping up. Neither side is ever going to convince the other.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

3 years ago#94
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
You just said people interacting is not community. Not sure what to say to that.

I simply have a more narrow definition of community. I see community as deliberate interaction with multiple people, or a certain group of people, on a regular basis. I may interact with a sales clerk once while on vacation, but that does not make me part of this clerk's community.

And again, introducing hackers does nothing to change the community from either of our definitions. If someone is going to trade for a perfect IV/nature/ability Pokemon, then never touch trading again, the origin of the Pokemon he eventually receives does not matter. He wouldn't have participated in that community whether there was hacking or not.

You are still missing the point, it's a holistic experience to many people, that was the point of linking the episode. And you keep bringing up extrinsic versus intrinsic, no one has argued against that. But that is actually the irrelevant thing to bring to the topic. Deciding which is more important is something I said already is not a valid argument to many people, because you are dictating to them their values. Whether I agree or not if it's bad game design (for the record, I do agree), is irrelevant in this case.

That episode was about marketing policies when players are NOT playing the game in question. It doesn't support or add anything to your argument, as all of the aspects of the "community" hacking has the potential to "ruin" are in the game itself. But at this point, this is just semantics.

However, the method of reward is related to the enjoyment of communities. As I mentioned in my first post in this topic, if person A is participating in certain parts of the community, centered around an aspect of the game A does not like, but community members B do, purely to acquire an extrinsic reward, person A will be more likely to complain about that aspect and irritate community members B, ruining their experience.

Just look at topics before the game was released, centered around whether IVs ought to be changed, or removed from the game entirely. Many people were quite upset about the idea of making IVs controllable, and some raged when the Destiny Knot trick was revealed, saying that Game Freak was "giving into terrorists." Battlers were happy, as were most breeders, but some breeders were bitter over breeding being "ruined" even when nothing was stopping them from running back and forth on a random route, purely because they wanted to "beat" their opponents who dared to complain, and started pestering battlers deliberately, in unrelated topics.

In a world where everyone can cut to the bits that are intrinsically rewarding for them, you wouldn't have people complaining about things like IVs, prompting bitterness from those that like IVs, prompting bile from both sides.
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