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Best way to grind experience pre-E4?

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User Info: Pictocheat

4 years ago#11
zxzxi posted...
21! Wow! I congratulate your patience while going through the main game.

My file time currently says 124:57; granted, a lot of that is idle time. But I'm not complaining; I didn't want to just speed through the game. I need to keep myself busy until A Link Between Worlds releases.
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User Info: vedoris86

4 years ago#12
TheGreatDebate posted...
Pictocheat posted...
Yeah, I did use the EXP. Share. I would start off with the Pokemon I wanted to train/evolve, then switch in a member from my main team to take it out. I even lost to Lysandre a bunch of times at the Team Flare Secret HQ because my main team was underleveled and I still had one or two Pokemon in my party just so they could level up and evolve.

I'm probably the only person who wasn't ready to sweep the E4 by the time I got there.

How could you be underleveled? Even my HM slave was overleveled

i was under leveled when i hit elite 4, simply because i keep changing my pokemon, got some other starters in wonder trade and train them up, apart from my main starter most my pokemon where 45-50 at elite 4.
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