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I hatched my first shiny.

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User Info: ShadowElite86

3 years ago#11
munchexlax posted...
I'm not ever going to use it. So sure, let me go find it, my code is 0490-5825-8248, name is Eric. 8)

I added you. FC is in the sig. Just initiate the trade when you're ready. Thanks.
DS FC: 2366-8203-3193
3DS FC: 2938-6382-9396

User Info: ODomm

3 years ago#12
Nice, I just hatched a shiny Eevee on the 2nd egg.

It's amazing how fast people are having success with the Masuda Method this gen, the odds have to be better this time around.
Comfortably fits two turkey sandwiches or 70 PACKS OF GUM
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