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Think of a Pokemon trainer before entering here...

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User Info: Azure_Flame

4 years ago#1
You are now naked on that trainer's couch.
"[Gravity Rush] is like losing your virginity; sometimes you won't know what you're doing, it's over way too quick and it's totally amazing!" -CBrate

User Info: tarzanmx

4 years ago#2
Hello again, Candice.
So we're using your couch now?
Why, hello.

User Info: billybobfred

4 years ago#3
Hello random roller skater who had the same name as me.
If you see this on my post, GameFOX-or-Weasel is broken or not installed.
it is the worst thing :c

User Info: ShadowEspionage

4 years ago#4
Youngster Joey, I...
Pokemon Y FC: 3754 6763 7241
My Friends List is currently full. Don't add me unless it's for a trade.

User Info: xRedVII

4 years ago#5
ShadowEspionage posted...
Youngster Joey, I...

That made me lol.

User Info: Atrabelos

4 years ago#6


User Info: shadowenclave47

4 years ago#7
I have Serena and i don't mind.
3DS FC 3539-9421-0380

User Info: GrimlockSmash

4 years ago#8
Claire. Well this is awkward.
3DS FC: 1993-7552-5914
GT: DvA Infamy

User Info: falugalob

4 years ago#9
ShadowEspionage posted...
Youngster Joey, I...

My rattata isn't the only thing in the top percentage.
FC: 0302 0140 5026

User Info: AbyssalDusk

4 years ago#10

fine by me
If someone says that they are not crazy, they're obviously not looking hard enough.
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