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After 3 days of breeding rotoms, i give up breeding for 5IVs

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  3. After 3 days of breeding rotoms, i give up breeding for 5IVs

User Info: loax555

3 years ago#1
Should i keep 4 IVS on Hp/Def/SpA/SpD or Hp/Def/Spa/Speed?

User Info: BabySh0es

3 years ago#2
Get a better ditto and keep at it.

User Info: LRodC

3 years ago#3
If you're using a bulky build, go sp. Def. If sweeping build, go speed.
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User Info: Lord_Prosper

3 years ago#4
Speed IVs are the most important, so go with the one that has that

User Info: wluigi

3 years ago#5
genderless pokemon breeding sucks

I only have 3 IV Dittos, so I had to do 4 IV Rotom + 3 IV Ditto. It took me a few hours to get a 5 IV 31/x/31/31/31/31 Rotom.

After that, it was a lot easier with 5 IV Rotom + 3 IV Ditto.

Just luck, as always
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User Info: WhiteFoxBlood

3 years ago#6
Learn how to RNG breed and get a flawless one guaranteed in the next egg, otherwise 4 IVs is just fine as well.
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User Info: Keynomaru

3 years ago#7
I can't wait for Pokecheck :)
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User Info: inavnwor

3 years ago#8
I'd stick to it, to be honest. Having used 4 IV Pokemon I can confirm that 5 IV Pokemon are well worth the struggle.
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User Info: Aura_Sphere

3 years ago#9
Keep going. I bred for a 5V Rotom as well (and eventually got one after several hours) with only a 4V Rotom and a 2V Ditto. You can do it, just hope you get lucky.
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User Info: Radbot42

3 years ago#10
looks like I got lucky while breeding my beldum.
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  3. After 3 days of breeding rotoms, i give up breeding for 5IVs

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