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Early Tier Talks

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User Info: MegaLucario

4 years ago#11
SalsaSavant posted...
MegaLucario posted...
Mega Genger and Blaziken will likely get banned to Ubers before long. Meanwhile Mawile, Kangaskan, Pinser, and MAYBE Gardevoir will be OU (once people discover how blasted good they are). The rest of the Mega's will be BL.

Meanwhile for the new Pokemon Aegislash and Talonflame will be OU (remember they don't have to be good in practice, just look good to noobs, Talonflame will be OU because "ZOMG PRIORITY BIRD MOVES!" despite the fact it suuuuuucks). Meanwhile Goodra and Barbarcle will be UU, and a couple more will probably also sneak in to UU. The rest of the new Mon will sink in to obscurity because they both look god awful and suck competitively.


Most people play Talonflame badly, but it can be good if you're smart.

If you run...

it can do some serious s***. U-Turn let's it get away from T-tar while still doing something about it. Priority Roost can let it get some healing even against electric enemies and makes SR less of a big deal.

That only works on people playing a bog standard tanky T-tar set or playing predictably. The fact they have to switch one way or the other means it's screwed easily, and you can either set up on the switch or predict what they'll send in and smash its face off.
Official MegaLucario of the Pokemon X and Y boards

User Info: epyon1995

4 years ago#12
Hip hop never died, it was buried alive. If you press your ear against the ground, you can hear the underground sounds.- Uknown Poet

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#13
If Furfro gets Slack Off, if COULD sneak into UU, but it'll probably sink back into the hellish depths of NU.
NEVER confuse "excuse" with "explanation", It is one of the worst mistakes people have with their judgement.
- NovaeGamer

User Info: Mephilas

4 years ago#14
Greninja will be low OU or UU definitely. Nothing more, it can't take any damage.
Chesnaught will probably be UU or RU. Too many weaknesses that are special based.
Delphox (as useless as it ISN'T >_>) will most likely be NU or RU. Three priority weaknesses (aqua jet, shadow sneak, and sucker punch) screw it and it has a questionable movepool.
Zygarde will be UU. It has dragon dance, but its stats suck.
Goodra will probably be RU. Its defense SUCKS.

Those are my predictions. Please note that I know not much about Smogon standards.

User Info: epyon1995

4 years ago#15
I think Mega Aerodactyl will become OU

Same goes for Goodra with the right moveset
Hip hop never died, it was buried alive. If you press your ear against the ground, you can hear the underground sounds.- Uknown Poet
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