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Who rates your friendship?

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User Info: acwwman

3 years ago#1
In there an NPC that tells you how much your pokemon likes you? If so, where are they located?
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User Info: Ruujuu ze Batto

Ruujuu ze Batto
3 years ago#2
Laverre City (? - the city with the Fairy Gym Leader), in the Pokemon Fan Club. The woman on the left tells you how happy your lead pokemon is with you.
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User Info: qbicfeet

3 years ago#3
Also, a guy in one of the houses to the westernmost part of Shalour City gives your pokemon a ribbon if it has max happiness.
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User Info: K3fk4

3 years ago#4
Your Pokémon tells you, when it evolves or not due to happiness.

Happiness and affection are two different things; what do you mean by 'friendship?'. You mean the hearts thing? There's multiple ones of those guys, I thought, and they'll usually give you stuff if your Pokémon likes you. Happiness is just an invisible line that's never really examinable, to my understanding.
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