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Your least favorite part about X/Y?

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User Info: TheAquaman803

3 years ago#111
Weak gyms.
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User Info: Jaricko

3 years ago#112
Post game. Aside from making my pokemon and the occasional maison battles its pretty uneventful compared to the last few games.
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User Info: bcornelia

3 years ago#113
The story is pretty crap.

Pokemon game, I know. They could have done a lot more with the idea of incognito team flare members.
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User Info: Soothesayer

3 years ago#114

And Parfum Palace.

User Info: GallantChaddymn

3 years ago#115
WilliamLander posted...
The fact that they are trying to make it a throwback to R/B/Y, when it should have tried to be its own game.

1 count the starters, mewtwo legendary bird and Santalune forest as throwback pieces, nothing else.
Well, would u count the fact tyhat u run into team flare while getting fossils?
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User Info: ab199990

3 years ago#116
- Lack of overworld 3D
- Not very good battle 3D
- Frame rate drop
- Story
- Gym Leaders
- Post game
- Didn't like most Mega Evolutions
- The Gen 6 Pokemon
- Getting a Ditto Safari (it's not a part of the game, but still...)
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

3 years ago#117
CelesEsperIce3 posted...
The story in general. It had great potential, but just seemed to be compressed unnecessarily. It was like we just got the cliff notes to a great story. The rivals were massively irritating. 1 rival with a decent build up trumps 5 losers with no point any day.

I loved the sky battles, didn't care for 3d to begin with, love the new pokemon and new/changed mechanics.

Everyone is whining about post game content in a game where DLC has been all but promised to create post game content.

Not trying to troll you, but what makes you say that? I've been finding evidence that leads to the other camp of thought.

I mean, you can go the Gregory House route: "Everyone Lies". Nintendo isn't above that, not at least in my opinion.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#118
The rival being allowed to not wear a hat.

Is that so much to ask?

Also, that route to Glittering Cave is way too slow to keep traversing.
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User Info: GatedSunOne

3 years ago#119
I'll admit that XY literally dries up the instant you beat the main story. It's funny because the press surrounding XY made it seem three times as big than other games launched as the first step into a new Generation. The fact there's only one Sidequest--one without a single, exclusive award in the postgame--doesn't help either.

Unless you're a competitive player, nothing in the postgame will keep very casual fans playing.This is usually the case with the first installments of New Gen games though (See BW1). Everyone's mileage in XY's postgame will vary, though!

Additionally, with Pokerus, you can max out EVs in a Stat in literally just 5 Horde battles, leaving Super Training to be more of a time waster than anything (until you unlock Super Secret Training anyway). I only touched it out of curiosity when the games first aired, and even without The 'Rus it's still faster than Super Training. It's you best bet if you don't have the Power Items, though--I'll admit that.

None of these are dealbreakers to me, but the biggest pet peeve I have with XY right now is how many unanswered questions there are. 90% of the Power Plant is chained up, The extra Train Stations in Lumoise and Couriway, Route 22's race track, Strange Souvenir, the phantom girl in Lumoise...those are killing me. XD

Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion are at the top of that list. If recent reveals in Event Legends tell anything, it will be FOREVER before we hear about these three. Hoopa will undoubtedly come first as early as next Summer/Fall, but the other two may be locked up until XY's successor games launch. The wait for Meloetta and Genesect was ridiculous for me.
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User Info: Saphirah

3 years ago#120
Falchionne posted...
Lack of 6v6 battle spot.
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