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Scenario: You find a shiny Metang in a Friend Safari...

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 years ago#1
...But your Pokemon are too strong to weaken it, you have no one with False Swipe (let's say you were seeing what was in there before getting a more appropriate team), and you only have 25 Ultra Balls and not much else.

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User Info: Jillipenny

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#3
I always keep my false swiper with me
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User Info: GenjutsuCrow

3 years ago#4
Pray to all the gods, one of them has to hear my desperate cries.
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User Info: Meta289

3 years ago#5
Master Ball.

You didn't say that we didn't have a Master Ball.
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User Info: Dante2049

3 years ago#6
if it breaks all the balls then ill gladly ko it as it wasted my time and money
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User Info: Mysticwarriormj

3 years ago#7
Throw balls at it and randomly get a crit cap. Then evolve it to a metagross and proceed to have it stomp around the fields crushing all the pikachu.
If ignorance is bliss then there are a lot of happy people in the world.

User Info: Greggles252

3 years ago#8
Throw 25 ultra balls in hopes that I catch it. If not, I rage-quit Pokemon forever for not thinking ahead of time.
In game name: Greggles
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User Info: Rouenne

3 years ago#9
Proceed to use the Ultra Balls while holding A+B Down desperately...
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User Info: Shigmiya64

3 years ago#10
What am I doing in a Steel safari without a team capable of weakening the wild Pokémon there?
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