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Think of a Pokemon before entering this thread.

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User Info: Luciensaurus

3 years ago#221

Well, I knew you were a suicidal savage that plays more of the creep-in-the-corner role, but I TJOUGJT YOU WUR LEIK THE GEWD GUY AND WERE JUST BIPOLAR AND NAHT WUNT TO HERT ANYBUDY.

-weeps bitterly as I am cut into ribbons of Luciensaurus-
-this or essentially mindf***ed-

User Info: zanemaster2

3 years ago#222
Marshtomp. Owch. Probably a solid 7.5/10.
I have nothing good to say thats why im saying some thing here.
Official husband of Cynthia on FE: Awakening board.

User Info: RingoRed

3 years ago#223
<is dead>

aegislash, only cuz my friend was talking about it just now.

User Info: Bat178

3 years ago#224
Goodra... *Looks at it's Y pokedex entry* Yeah, I'm dead.
Awww, isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat me!

User Info: Mama_Luigi777

3 years ago#225

I'm safe right? RIGHT?!?!


although the shame might make it a 100/10
TenshouKairekiJin 3 years ago#226
Giggling from the Ralts lovetaps / 10
We are men of action. Lies do not become us.
Humanity is ever one inspired step away from godhood.
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