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Pokemon with funny nicknames you've gotten over wonder trade.

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User Info: Malimario98

4 years ago#1
I once got a female Meowstic, and it's name was Hulk Hogan.

What funny nicknamed poke's have you received?
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User Info: Luigi4President

4 years ago#2
Not as funny as Hulk Hogan, but I just got an Absol named Poosey the other day.
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User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#3
got a metapod name Bigerection or something similar to that >_>
darn you wonder trade people.
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User Info: Pika_Hikari_KT

4 years ago#4
MegaDigglet the Spaniard Binacle. So hilarious I Wonder Traded my own and kept that one.
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User Info: OriginallyAlex

4 years ago#5
Slowpoke nicknamed Ejaculation.
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User Info: Jonathan7272

4 years ago#6
got a luvdisc whose nickname was SidewaysButt
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User Info: Shinihou

4 years ago#7
Male Mr. Mime named Fingerer. The horror, the HORROR.
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User Info: Sephiroth C Ryu

Sephiroth C Ryu
4 years ago#8
I got a one-up on some of you.

I recieved a graveller named bilbobaggins

Then I remembered what gravellers do when you trade them just as it happened...
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User Info: Subzero_Dragon

4 years ago#9
Likitung called Oral Pro. >.>
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User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#10
Yanma with

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