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Since it was more or less confirmed...

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User Info: Pinxed

3 years ago#31
jayman7 posted...
LontaBeans posted...
jayman7 posted...
Great_Reapette posted...
When was it confirmed, at all?

When some random NPC standing next to an NPC making a Unova reference made a Hoenn reference.

That seems to be where all the "Hoenn confirmed!!!" remarks seem to be coming from.

More than one NPC, more like 5. All referencing Hoenn.

"Back in my place, there was this town..." "'ll see it in due time."

Yeah, so apparently you didn't talk to that one guy who talked about his home region that you'll see "in due time" enough times because if you do

this happens.

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User Info: kitsuru

3 years ago#32
Misha-Heart posted...
No, there will be a DLC event where you get to go to Hoenn.

Except there will only be three or so towns left, as it has been flooded with water. You also encounter Steven, as he reveals he's the one who gave Tierno the stone that lets you use the Mega Ring. He does not battle you but instead offers you a Mega Stone for Metagross.

That stone had nothing to do with Mega Evolution. Tierno thought it might, but the Guru said outright that it was just a regular rock.
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