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Who deserved fairy most?

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User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#41
warnerbroman posted...
Sopheroo posted...
Also, just because it's pink doesn't make it an instant fairy.

Audino is based on nurses and Chansey on mothers. Unless mothers and nurses are actually fairies

fairy godmother.

Female Honchkrow should be dark/fairy, then.

Considering Honchkrow is pretty much the godfather pokemon.

User Info: FryDays5000

3 years ago#42
Hejiru posted...
Ephraim225 posted...
Caruru_Clover posted...
What about cresselia the MOON pokemon who is meant to beat darkrai ? She also has lunar dance as her signature move.

Not that I don't love this idea but what is the connection between fairies and the moon?

I'd never heard of the "fairy=moon" thing before XY, but apparently there is some connection. Moonlight became Fairy-type, the standard Fairy move is called Moonblast, and the promo artwork showed Syvleon in front of a giant moon.

FryDays5000 posted...
Missmagius. Unlike Celebi which the majority voted for, at least it's not a dual type with 2 elemental types paired(Normal is not elemental, which is why Togekiss swapped it for Fairy). Giving them an excuse why it didn't get retyped. And lets be honest here, why do you guys want it to be 4x weak to Poison instead of still having SE STAB against them? Now it would have to completely avoid poison types! That just seems like a horibble trade. Id rather use the Lake Trio as Dragonslayers than Celebii.

Then how do you explain Rotom's formes losing Ghost for Fire/Water/etc?

If Fairy makes more sense than Psychic, then yes, they should swap it out.

Yes, Rotom's formes got the secondary Ghost swapped. That doesn't mean the Rotom species as whole isn't Ghost anymore. You can still use Normal Rotom.
Also, getting STAB on moves you automatically get after form change is more beneficial than a permanent 4x Posion weakness and a loss of a type advantage to Poison. I'd rather make it Fairy/Grass on its mega evo so it would be a temporary drawback than a permanent one.
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