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Pokemon world champion ship?

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User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#1
Is there a similar end game tournament like in black and white 2? I would love to beat red again :X

User Info: LontaBeans

3 years ago#2
[::[__]::] Playing) Pokemon X and Y (3DS)
[+[__]::] ~3DS FC: 1289-8495-8484 ~

User Info: Crownz04

3 years ago#3
That ship has sailed.
GT: Siro Crown | 3DS FC: 0318-7349-3041
PM me if you add me, please.

User Info: proxyyourass

3 years ago#4
meow chika wah wah
My two 3ds. 1st FC: 3437 4271 9274 2nd FC: 0146 8963 1883 Add both please :D
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