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Why does my Azumarill gain boosted exp. ?

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User Info: DEKMStephens

4 years ago#21
brentvh posted...
OldKye posted...
brentvh posted...
Can an o-power be used on you when you're offline?

On yourself yes but not on others.

Then it can't be an o-power. I haven't used one on myself and i was offline when i was playing.

There is a stalker in your closet sending you O-powers

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User Info: slashmasters

4 years ago#22
You don't have to be online.
If you pass by someone, they can give you an O-power.
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User Info: Pikassassin

4 years ago#23
brentvh posted...
Pikassassin posted...
You maxed its EVs.

But i don't EV train. :p

If your Azumarill is gaining EXP, it's gaining EVs.

User Info: Sn4k3Ey3S

4 years ago#24
wait... super cute ?......

Anyway, in pokemon amie, how to we get boosted exp for that section ? I.e. which category at which level ? And also, the boosted exp is 1.5x too ?
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  3. Why does my Azumarill gain boosted exp. ?

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