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Choose a pokemon and only one move before entering this thread...

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User Info: Melkac

3 years ago#1
You're now stranded in an island full of ferocious... (generate 1 pokémon)

And your only food resource shall be... (generate 3 nouns, choose only one)

How many days do you survive?
Just when you thought nobody liked Torchic

User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#2
Yveltal used Fly!

I didn't think Klink could be ferocious.

And... I hate toast.

If Yveltal couldn't fly... Hmm.
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The official Super Corrupt Shadow Lugia of the Pokemon X/Y boards

User Info: Greenie46

3 years ago#3
Good god I love these.

With my Mawhile that somehow knows Vine Whip, we protect our fingers (they're edible shut up) from the ferocious Throh inhabiting the island.

Oh boy.
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User Info: MacBookAir

3 years ago#4
Stranded on an island with ferocious Lugias

My only food is Salmon

My Pokemon is Klefki with Foul Play
Not changing this until Metal Sonic is in Super Smash Bros.
microsoft sucks lol

User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

3 years ago#5
I am now stranded in an island full of ferocious Darmanitans.

My only food source is meat! YES! (It was either that, my Step-Uncle or Valley lol)

I survive for a lot of days!

Also, misleading title. has nothing to do with the topic >__>
The official Royal Heir of GameFAQs!

User Info: Don_of_Blades

3 years ago#6
latias will protect me from the hordes of ill tempered delibirds and their tempting dougnut trees.

User Info: wolfstar29

3 years ago#7
I'm stranded on an island full of ferocious Spewpa.

My food source shall be pie flavored pie.

I must survive on this island with my loyal partner Caterpie that knows stringshot.

The battle between bugs will be an epic one that I will emerge victorious from.
GT: Dart29

User Info: Estheimaster

3 years ago#8
A Blissey with Hi Jump Kick is my only companion stranded on an island with demonic swarm of...

Aromatisse. Not so bad, but Hi Jump Kick won't do too much. And our only food is...

No food words? So I'll choose Sword. Yes, the steel of the sword will allow me to conquer the Aromatisse horde and we'll feast upon the meat of Aromatisse until we're rescued!

I'd do quite fine.
The Official Bulbasaur of Pokemon X's board
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User Info: Coxydon

3 years ago#9
My partner is infenape with close combat
The island is inhabited with ferocious Doublades
And my only food is Brian..

Infernape will be useless against doublades, so we are kinda.. Pooped xD
We will still eat Brian.. No point letting a dead Brian go to waste
The Walking Dead game has made me question the consequences to every action in my day to day life..

User Info: IceCold1993

3 years ago#10
Mega Gardevoir with moonblast

A chef is my food source

v.s a bunch of angry Sawk
(US) PSN: AyoAgito
3DS fc: 5257-9502-7385
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