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Shiny Stories! (All Gens)

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User Info: SoulSlayer64x

3 years ago#1
Since I haven't even seen any shiny story threads, I'm deciding to make this thread. A thread where people can tell their tales of how they encountered their beloved shiny pokemon.

This can be from any Gen, Red Gyarados'ers don't count, like Gen 2's 50% chance shiny egg, B2W2's shiny dragons, etc. Although I'm hoping its from Gen 3+, cause they can be transferred from there on to Gen 6 after Dec. 27th.

So now I will get the ball rolling. I was playing through FireRed for the first time this year. Maybe around May-June. So, with no shinies found yet, I headed to the safari. I was hoping I wouldn't find a shiny here though.. It might run away! Q_Q SO after I had gotten surf and whatnot, I was just wanking around (no sexual activity implied, I swear) trying to catch rare pokemon WHEN..... OH MAH GAWD, SHINY NIDORAN(boy)!!! Quick! Throw your balls at it!.. It broke out!.. C'mon, don't run.. Ok good. It didn't. Another ball.... YEEESS. I SHALL DUB THEE Buster, AND KICK ASS WITH YEE IN THE E4...

And that's how I got my 3rd shiny. I'll tell more soon. But tell me your tales!
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User Info: Rupin_Salesman

3 years ago#2
Hunted in a Ghost Safari for a shiny. My first ever Gen 6 shiny came up.


Quick Ball, no shakes.

Luxury Ball at full health, caught it.

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User Info: DackWellers

3 years ago#3
I've played all the games and so far I've found 2 shiny boldore's in black 2...both who used explosion before i could catch them and a shiny Clauncher on X while chain fishing
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User Info: TripleJ922

3 years ago#4
2 weeks ago I KO'd a shiny Trevenant in a horde (couldn't tell which was which). 10 minutes ago I got my revenge and hatched one on egg #501 ^_^
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User Info: shryuu18

3 years ago#5
Never knew Shinies existed since I've never met one, until Gen IV...
And no, not because I actually found one but because I saw it one the Internet.....
F**K my life T_T
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User Info: MidnightCrew

3 years ago#6
I have encountered 4 shinies, 3 of which are in X version!

Anyway my first ever shiny was in Black, I was EV training a Shieldon and looked down and saw a shiny Venipede! c:

The first of X version was a shiny Sigilyph, again, I was at university talking with my friends and playing pokemon at the same time, I look down and I'm in battle with a shiny~ Could barely believe it!

And my more recent two are from Masuda'ing, a shiny Froakie which took me over 2000 eggs, and a shiny Phantump which I got in just 24 eggs~ c:
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User Info: Xazeal

3 years ago#7
Recently breeded a shiny Jolly Shroomish with perfect HP, Special Defense and Speed, almost perfect Attack and mediocre Defense. It was the first (and so far only) shiny I've ever gotten without chaining or Masuda method.

Unfortunately it didn't get Technician, but Poison Heal is fine.
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User Info: Tali_Zorah

3 years ago#8
Gen 1: Nothing (duh)
Gen 2: Goddamn Gyarados, nothing else
Gen 3: Nothing...
Gen 4: Well, got another Gyarados I guess...
Gen 5: That fixed Dratini, Gible and Haxorus... but hey! I actually have a story for this gen!

I was just randomly Audino grinding outside of Driftveil City, when I encountered an Emolga. I thought initially "Goddamn Emolgas... Give me the damn Audinos" and instinctively went to press the Run Away button but then stopped myself barely, as I realised... Did I just see a shiny effect? Looked closer at the Emolga, and saw that it was indeed shiny.

"Well, it's a crap shiny, but I guess a shiny is a shiny" *caught*

Gen 6: Back to nothing... though I haven't really tried chaining yet.
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User Info: Dragonball9899

3 years ago#9
Don't care telling Gyarados story anywas;

My brother caught a shiny Wingull a couple of days ago, so it made me want to catch one in X (I've caught 3 total before). I don't really want to use horde (hoard?) battles to find one, because it's not guaranteed, unlike chain fishing (which pretty much is if you look at the results some people get.) So I set off to chain fish a shiny Magikarp. Got a chain up to 58, accidentally reeled into early, and broke the chain. Started a new chain after taking a break and finally found my golden Magikarp. Right now it's my Level 56 Shiny Gyarados.
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User Info: Hiperson819

3 years ago#10
I read somewhere that if you breed a shiny pokemon with a shiny foreign pokemon that the chances would be increased a lot more than regular Masuda. I was really skeptical, but I was able to hatch a Shiny Honedge on my 9th egg. I'm still extremely skeptical about it though and I just think that it was the RNG God's way of making it up to me for my 25 boxes of normal Pumpkaboos
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