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How does anyone get a 5IV Protean Greninja

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User Info: GretelMK2

4 years ago#1
I've already bread quite a few 5IV pokes, but Froakie just seems to be impossible. It took forever to catch a female that also had Protean from the Safari, but I finally managed it. I then paired it with a Naive Ditto and bread about 30 of them. I got 1 female, 30 males and the female did NOT have Protean.

So to get eggs faster I paired the female with one of the male offspring (With Naive) and started making more babies. I made no less than 50 more males with no females. The percent listed on Bulbapedia is 12.5% female so maybe I'm just unlucky. The point is, even if I do manage to get a female Protean Naive Froakie...that's just step one. Getting it to 5 IVs (Even with my 5IV male Dragonite which matches it's egg group) is just going to be impossible.

The female rate along with only 80% chance of hidden ability means each upgrade is going to take at least 4 hours. I've already put 4-5 hours into this thing and I don't even have the right nature on the female. How does anyone go about doing this? Quit their job?

Any advice or sharing of your own frustrating stories are welcome. I'm going to give it a break for now.

User Info: Travitops

4 years ago#2
The ratio of male:female in the froakie line is stupid. It took me 6 days to get one with timid and toxic spikes. The ratio is crazy. Just keep at it
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User Info: falugalob

4 years ago#3
Why did you have to catch a female with protean if you were just going to pair it with a ditto? A male with protean can also have protean babies with a ditto.
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User Info: handheld_genius

4 years ago#4
I feel you man, but in the end all based on luck, I normally need to breed 15 pokemons to get at least one with 5IV's.

But ive been doing Talonflame today and getting loads of 4IV's which sucks.

But yea keep going, destiny knot is your best friend, and oval charm
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User Info: vermillion719

4 years ago#5
My personal approach was to first breed a Naive Froakie with the proper IVs, and then to breed that with my Protean female. (For me, it was a matter of getting a male with HP, ATK, and DEF, and then breeding with a female that had SPATK, SPDEF, and SPD...but I'm also going for six on mine.)

Once you hit that point, it's just a matter of upgrading whenever you get a new potential parent with better IVs than the one you're currently using, but then I imagine you already know that. Of course, the one stipulation is that the female has to have Protean, but you know that too.

I've already got quite a few 5 IV Froakies, but no 6 IV ones yet...I'm probably gonna see a bunch of 6 IV Torrent ones before I ever get one with Protean...
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User Info: OfficeChair

4 years ago#6
males can pass down HA w/ ditto

ur welcome
where doing it man

User Info: Travitops

4 years ago#7
I did breed some 5IV stall sableye and I got more females than males that were 5iv.

But I need one with prankster tho so it can be more effective
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User Info: Redead_Mask

4 years ago#8
Mmmmm... breaded Greninja legs.

User Info: J_Applei

4 years ago#9
It literally took me less than 20 eggs to get a 5 31 IV Protean Froakie. I got lucky by catching a 4 31 IV Protean Frogadier in a Friend Safari.
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User Info: GretelMK2

4 years ago#10
OfficeChair posted...
males can pass down HA w/ ditto

ur welcome

I know, but the females have 30% better odds of doing so. Either way, I already have a 5 IV male waiting for her...I just need a female with correct Nature and even that is proving impossible.
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