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Make a new move by changing one letter in an existing move

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User Info: iKhan88

4 years ago#1
Stealth Jock: The user boosts the opponents social and athletic skills while reducing intelligence. -2 Sp. Atk, +1 Atk.
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User Info: pikachuboy7

4 years ago#2
Framethrower: steel type, throws a metal frame at the enemy (Phys: 90 power, 85 accuracy)
NNID: Pikachuboy7
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User Info: legendrider

4 years ago#3
Doomburst (changed Boomburst)
PWR: -
ACC: 30

1HKO Ghost move
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User Info: Lucidious89

4 years ago#4
Gun Shot
OHKO's the target. The target is considered permanently "fainted", and can never be revived again.


I don't like this game.
Pokemon Y FC: 1177-7400-8683 Safari: Kakuna, Whirlipede, Venomoth

User Info: Game__Raider

4 years ago#5
Dragon Cage: (Staus Effect Move) Traps all Dragon-Type Pokemon in a cage for 3-5 turns keeping them immobile and unable to attack.

User Info: digthasucka5x

4 years ago#6
Bling (changed from fling)

Steel type move, Shiny trinkets lower accuracy and angers them since you act like an idiot wearing the trinket. (Works like taunt while also lowering accuracy one level)
3ds FC: 1134-7344-4598
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User Info: ArwenTinuviel

4 years ago#7
Wormy Seed (Bug-Type)
- Plants a parasite in your target, changing their ability to Swarm.
3DS FC: 1091-8127-9177

User Info: Arethai

4 years ago#8
Brunch. 80, dark type, has a 15% chance of not knowing the appropriate time for the meal.

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

4 years ago#9
Scary Mace
Ghost type
95 BP
90 Acc
May cause the target to flinch
3DS FC: 3866-8144-2758 Pokemon Y IGN: Raven

User Info: RayThrust

4 years ago#10
Pain Dance

The user strikes it target with brilliant, but painful dance moves.
Physical Power 40, 100 accuracy and raises evasiveness by one stage.
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