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What was your favorite and least favorite Generation?

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User Info: Arkkana

3 years ago#21
Favorite: 2
Least Favorites: 4,5
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User Info: Crazy555672

3 years ago#22
Favorite would be Gold/Heartgold and Silver/Soulsilver followed very closely by X&Y

I cant say Black and White is my least favorite because I dont like them at all. I think it was a horrible generation.

So Ill say Diamond and Pearl are my least favorite.

User Info: Doomion33

3 years ago#23
Favorites: 2 and 4
Least: 5

User Info: Bat178

3 years ago#24
Favourite: Firered/Leafgreen
Least favourite: Black and White/Black 2 and White 2
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User Info: ultlifeform

3 years ago#25
Depends on what part of the game, for story:
Favourite gen 4 (time/space epicness)
least favourite gen 2 (seriously, just cleaning up a few stragglers that Red left behind)

probably asking about the mons though, in which case:
Favourite gen 3 (so many awesome mons)
least favourite gen 4 (outside of the legendaries, which I liked, almost everything was lame)

User Info: Sopheroo

3 years ago#26
Gen 3 or 5 are my favorite, gen 2 is my least fav

User Info: joshuaman777

3 years ago#27
all I can say is Im not as much of a fan of the last 2 gens really, atleast not the pokemon, the mechanics seem to be advancing amazingly!
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#28
Favorite: 6
Least favorite: 2
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User Info: 8Panda

3 years ago#29
Pokemon White 2 FC: 4470 9242 4160
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