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Team Nova RP Episode 8: Lost Souls

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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#1
I think Osranger has the credit for the title.

Discussion and Sign-ups

Concept and Planning:

Sign-up Thread 1:

Sign-up Thread 2:

Discussion Thread 1:

Discussion 2/Sign-up 3:

Discussion 3/Sign-up 4:

Discussion 4/Sign-up 5:

Discussion 5/Sign-up 6:

Discussion 6/Sign-up 7:

Previous Episodes

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Player Characters


Neal Ferre (The current N, Admin) (GolurkCanFly)
Hero X (protobakurion)


Meridia Crystiana (GX1997)
John Doe (Real name: Joshua) (empireoffire)
Brendan Reed (uuurrrggh)
Grant Gallowglass (Cheesepower5)
Phineas Celeste (HHDeception)


Taryn Edward Yona (RLutece)
(Still Seeking members)

Team Nova

Osric King (Osranger)

Currently Unaffiliated

Jay Rayne (IVIasterJay)
Austin (DigiHeroKid)
Bolas & Sylvera (Kirbye2006)

Major NPCs




Benga (Leader)
Hilda White
Prof. Sycamore


Silver (Admin) (Missing)
Karen Gallowglass
Ashley Zirkovir
Nelson Zirkovir
Garth Gallowglass (unofficially)

Team Nova

Maurice (Leader)
Celena (Admin)
Duncan (Admin)




Steven Stone
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#2
The premise (tl,dr version,credit to HHDeception... again. Edited by empireoffire.:

10 years after BW2, an organization called Team Nova has taken over the world. With a technology called StarBurst, they can take over the minds of almost any pokemon on a whim, even through their pokeballs. Trainers are nearly useless. Most Gym leaders and Elite Four members are dead. Soldiers rose up to replace them. Weapons and technology are almost always preferred to a team of pokemon at your side.

StarBurst takes the form of an energy weapon, whether blasters, lightsabers, or halberds. NVE against a human, but instant mind screw to a pokemon. Only Legendary pokemon, or those with a very strong life-long bond to a human can hope to resist StarBurst. The more pokemon you carry, the more thin your bond with them is spread, hence you should probably only carry one. Two max.

There are three factions of resistance:

Xerneas: Team Plasma. They refuse to use StarBurst but will fight for peace regardless.
Mewtwo: What is left of the Pokemon League. They use StarBurst as a means to an end.
Yveltal: No formal organization until recently. Those who seek the destruction of Nova at any cost are sought out by Yveltal to be his agents. More members would be nice!

Nova is horribly OP, and pretty much nobody has a chance against one of the admins (Duncan, Celena) let alone the Leader (Maurice) one on one. They have the technology to wipe an island off the face of the Earth, and then some. GM and cyborg pokemon are not out of the question, but haven't really been explored yet.

Johto is Nova HQ, Kanto and Unova are also heavily guarded. Sinnoh and Hoenn less so. Orre is not under Nova control, and Kalos has been wiped off the map. Other regions haven't really been fleshed out yet.

Legendary pokemon are immune to StarBurst, but that doesn't mean people haven't captured them. You are allowed to have one as a partner, but not Ubers, and a lot have been spoken for.

As for trainers like Red, use them sparingly, but use them if you want. It is suggested you check the NPC list to see who has already been taken.
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#3
"Are you okay?" asked Hugh to Yancy.

"I'm fine", she said, stretching her arm to get rid of the mild numbness that came from the Protect-Generator's recoil.

Hugh nodded. Taking out a handgun, Hugh went up to the downed Blaziken and fired a single shot to the head. However, the Blaziken suddenly vanished milliseconds before he pulled the trigger, so the bullet hit nothing but dirt. Hugh didn't find any clues as to where it could have gone.

Meanwhile, Yancy looked around the battlefield. Her attention was grabbed by a Squirtle running up to her.

Isn't that...Meridia's?

Yancy knelt down to get on Squirtle's level. It started tugging her arm and pointing somewhere. Looking that direction, she could see Meridia knelt down besides someone who was laid down. Yancy couldn't see who it was, but she understood what the Squirtle was trying to say.

Yancy sent out Togekiss. He turned to her Gallade, "Teleport over to where Meridia is. We'll be there in a second." She then turn to Manaphy. "You were great out there, Manaphy! I need you to do me a favor though, could you do a low power Heart Swap on Togekiss so that I can travel over there quicker? I think there's someone who needs help over there."

Manaphy was happy to obey as it did what it was told. After thanking Manaphy, Yancy was scooped up by Togekiss as Squirtle also jumped onboard. However, before they could start going to where Meridia was, Hugh noticed Shadow Lugia turn it's attention toward their direction.


Hugh recalled his fainted Simisage and Unfezant as he started putting a bunch of Pokeballs in a satchel he had. He then tossed the bag to Yancy.

"If anything happens to me, take care of them."

Hugh then sent out the one Pokemon whose Pokeball he still had: a simple Noivern. He mounted it as Simisear mounted the Bouffalant.

"Take out whoever is trapping our Pokemon and leave. Now go!"

Yancy hesitated before ordering Togekiss to fly, and they dashed toward where Meridia was at high speeds. Simisear and Bouffalant gave one last, sad look at Hugh before following close behind, as the Bouffalant was far faster than it would appear. Taking a deep breath, Hugh ordered his Noivern to charge at the beast overheard while bellowing orders in the radio.

"All available troops, engage Lugia!"

I will grab it's attention so that at least a few of you will be saved. It's the least I can do...

(continued next post)
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#4
John Doe's Zoroark and Ditto (still transformed into Zoroark) dashed to where they saw Manaphy go towards earlier. Their combined illusions allowed them to appear invisible, although they still had to dodge the dark pulses that had targeted them.

Ditto spoke to the Zoroark in it's transformed state.

"I say, is that Lugia starting to eye what I think it's starting to eye?"

Zoroark stopped sprinting as it looked upward to the dark beast overhead. Following it's gaze, it traced the direction it was looking at. At first glance, it seemed like Lugia was looking at the Qwilfish-haired Yveltal commander. However, Zoroark noticed the subtle movements of Lugia's head as Manaphy started flying in a pattern behind the man.

"Oh hell no, it has it's eyes on the Squirt!" said Zoroark to Ditto. "I think Qwilfish-head is going to charge at it, so make it see Manaphy flying right behind him!"

"Well thought", said Ditto, it's polite way of speaking clashing with his current form's growling voice.

Trusting Ditto to do what he said, Zoroark made an illusion that only Manaphy would see, namely a giant flaming pair of words overhead. "COME HERE"

Shortly after Hugh had charged toward Lugia with a small legion of other Yveltal troops also doing so at various angles, Manaphy flew on over to the duo, invisible from the Lugia thanks to Zoroark's other illusion.

"Guys!" it called out, "What happened?! Where's daddy!?"

"He is okay", Ditto lied, "But more importantly, we have reason to believe that the dark Lugia overhead wishes to target you specifically; why is still uncertain. I strongly advise you that you flee this island as instructed before you get hurt."

"But--" stuttered Manaphy.

"'But' nothing!" interrupted Zoroark, "We sure as hell don't want you getting hurt by something that we frankly have no shot of winning against, and I know Grinny, Sparks, and Joshy feel the same way. We'll stay here and find some way for dealing with this stupid trap, so hide somewhere by diving to the ocean depths under this place until the trap is gone. Then get back to Realgam. Got it?"

Manaphy thought for a bit, hesitated, then nodded. "Okay, but promise that you will be okay after all this! All of you are my family, and I don't want to lose any of you!"

"Hah!", laughed Zoroark, "Don't you worry, squirt. None of us are going anywhere! Just leave it all to me!"

"And I am here in the rare event that something goes awry", added Ditto. "You have nothing to fear."

Manaphy nodded one last time before flying off the island and diving to the ocean depths; as far as the trap encompassing the battlefield would allow.

"Now, whose asses are we supposed to kick?" asked Zoroark as it scanned the battlefield.

"How about that Dusknoir fighting that one Tyrantrum over there?" said Ditto, pointing to a Dusknoir. "It's the only one of those malicious attackers that is not yet defeated; aside from Hydreigon, of course, but I was able to sense that he wasn't the trapper."

"Whatever you say, Blobs", replied Zoroark. "Let's move!"

"After you."

The two dashed toward the Shadow Dusknoir.
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User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#5
Meridia put away the tracking device in her bag,and looked around again.She couldn't have been happier when she saw Yancy,her Togekiss,and Squirtle flying towards them.

Maybe now we can get something done!

She then looked around with her face showing more determination than before,until she saw the Hydreigon's attack coming towards them.


Meridia waited as long as she could,hoping that Yancy would be able to reach them before the attack closed in.She waited as long as she could,and activated the protect generator before tossing it out ahead of her to stop the attack.Luckily Yancy had just passed the area when she did,all of them were saved from the attack by the protect combined with the power of the reflect the Alakazam had set up.

I bet that thing is fried after taking that kind of hit.

"Yancy,I need your help.You're the better medic,and we need you right now."
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User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#6

Finally, they'd reached Virbank. After, their pokeballs opened, they'd decided to go to Realgam, Austin had left a note, but he couldn't read human.

"Ace, Where are we"

"Sho, I really don't know, but dude, I miss Aust-meister", he replied.

"I do as well. We should find a human, to read the note for us"

"Agreed",said Ace.

As they walk, a blonde girl around 17 years of age, bumps into them.

She turns around, "Sorry, oh, uh..."


She bumped into a dewott and a staravia.
Ummm, okay

"Dew Dew wott"

The dewott held up a note, "You want, me to read this?" ,she asks.
They nodded.

"Okay then,
Dear Ace and Shogun,
Thank you for being great friends, but if you stay with me, death will surely follow. I am nothing, but a liability.
Please foregive me, but I release you. Find Neal, Fennel, Brendan, anyone. Don't look for me, though, because, I'll be gone by the time you or someone else reds this.
",she finished.

The dewott then held up a pokeball. The Staravia did too.

"You want to come with me?",she asks.

Again, they nod.
"Fine, but only for a little while."
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User Info: IVIasterJay

3 years ago#7
Celena stood inside the crater her explosion had made. The battle raged around her, but she paid it no heed. It had gotten away, and she was furious. She punched the side of the crater, shattering the bedrock, and then she roared out in anger as she pulled herself out of the hole she'd created.

Pokemon and people fought all around her, but she didn't join in. Duncan had told her to stay out of his fight, and she intended to respect his wishes. She went back to scanning the machine hand, meticulously taking it apart piece by piece, war splitting like a river around her. Her anger was forgotten as she was absorbed in the machine's inner workings. Slowly but surely, she scanned every single component that made up the machine, confident she could duplicate it exactly.
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User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#8

Shawn rounded on the woman in the crater. Her used Sacred Sword hoping to get her attention.
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User Info: Kirbye2006

3 years ago#9
Somewhere in the Great Marsh by Pastoria City in Sinnoh

Fear. Bolas stopped where he was, sensing something amiss in the Great Marsh, and closed his eyes. A soft glow of power emanated from his horn.
Pain. Someone was making their way through the Marsh, slowed down due to pain. Bolas focused some more, trying to detect what was going on.
Despair. Scared and near death, chased by some unknown foe.

Bolas opened his eyes, looking towards the direction of distress. There was only one group of people that he could think of that would chase someone through the Marsh.

“Sylve…” (‘What’s wrong?’) came the voice of his mate Sylvera from behind him, wondering at his sudden stop.
“Absol absol. Abs absol absol.” (‘Someone is being chased. With any luck, they’ll be closeby’) he responded. A thrill rose within him at the thought of the battle to come. “Absol.” (‘Come’) he said as he darts off towards the direction of distress.
“Sylve…” (‘Alright…’) Sylvera replied as she trotted after him.

Soon they arrived at a small clearing, where they could see a young man propped up by a tree, bleeding from a shot wound. An Exeggute was next to him, making soft cries of despair as its trainer bled to death.

Upon seeing the scene, Sylvera moved out towards them, sensitive to the suffering she was witnessing. Bolas followed closely behind, knowing that soon his quarry would show up.

“A Sylveon… and an Absol…” the man by the tree muttered deliriously, and then coughed up a bit of blood. Sylvera approached the man and made a Wish, a Wish for him to get better.

“Look what we have here,” said a Nova grunt as he came out of the bushes. “I thought you only had one pokemon stashed away from us, but to think you had three hidden away here in this blasted Marsh.” He laughed softly as he brought up his StarBurst pistol. “It doesn’t matter though, since they’ll all belong to Nova after I’m through with you.” With that, he fired the StarBurst pistol at Bolas.

Bolas had already thought that far ahead though, and dodged the StarBurst easily. The Grunt then put up a protective shield and sent out a mindless Machop. “You think you’re so fast huh? Machop, Low Sweep him!” The Machop charged towards Bolas.

Bolas was an experienced fighter and knew that even against a mindless Machop, their strength was not diminished one bit. A Low Sweep was not much to worry about though. Bolas’s eyes glew briefly as he sent some of his power through the future to damage the Machop.

Bolas’s legs were swept out from under him, sending him to the ground. “I have you now!” the Grunt exclaimed as it shot another StarBurst bullet at Bolas. There was no way for him to avoid it, sprawled on the ground as he was, and so the bullet hit.

The bullet hit just like the countless StarBurst bullets he had been hit by in the past. There was a brief tingling in his mind, like a blanket trying to cover who he was. But it was momentary as a great feeling of defiance sprung up from within him, shaking off the effect of the StarBurst bullet and bringing him back to himself, angrier than ever. With a snarl Bolas got up and charged towards the Grunt, who was so surprised he forgot about his shield and even his Machop as Bolas slashed it with his horn.

Bolas was in full battle mode now. His eyes glowed blue as he sent another attack into the future, this time targeting the Grunt behind his shield. Regaining his wits, the Grunt shouted “Get him Machop!”

The Machop advanced towards Bolas, its arms outstretched. The Grunt also raised a non-StarBurst pistol, aiming it towards Bolas. Bolas could Detect what was coming, and easily dodged out of the way.
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User Info: Kirbye2006

3 years ago#10
Meanwhile, Sylvera’s Wish finally came true, and the young man by the tree could feel his strength coming back to him. Seeing the confrontation the Absol was having with Team Nova, he said “Eggy, go help him out”. The Exeggcute started shambling itself towards the battle. Sylvera started her battle routine and summoned some Misty Terrain to obscure the battlefield.

The mist combined with the natural darkness of the Marsh severely limited the eyesight of the combatants. Bolas had long ago learned how to expand his senses beyond sight, and he could tell as the attacks he had sent out earlier into the Future hit both the Machop and the Grunt. The Machop fainted, unable to continue. The Grunt cursed, not knowing his Machop had fallen, but not caring either. He cursed out loud, pulled out a second StarBurst pistol and started firing as many shots as he could into the Mist.

The StarBursts were annoying, but not mind-enslaving-effective for Bolas and Sylvera. However, the bullets hitting Sylvera surprised her and caused her to momentarily suspend the Misty Terrain. The mist lifted, and then they could all see again.

Bolas once again set his sights on the Grunt, but sensed something was amiss. Scanning the battlefield quickly, he saw what the Grunt saw, and it made him stop momentarily. The Exeggcute was standing still, a blank look across all of its eyes. Bolas looked to see what he could detect, and what he foresaw stopped his blood cold. “Absol, absol!!!!” (‘Sylvera, run!!!!’) he cried out. Sylvera knew enough to know something bad was about to happen and so quickly darted away from the battle.

Bolas glared at the Grunt, his eyes glowing briefly as he sent one more attack into the future, and then he charged the Grunt to Night Slash his shield again. The shield rebuffed him, but Bolas had expected that; his goal with that attack was just to weaken the shield. The Grunt, thinking himself safe behind his shield, cried out “Exeggcute, explode!”.

The Exeggcute started glowing, and Bolas took that as his cue to get out of there. He barely made it to the safety of the Marsh when the Exeggcute exploded, ripping apart the Grunt’s shield and sending him sprawling, as well as killing the Exeggcute’s trainer instantly. The attack Bolas sent into the future earlier then occurred, taking the weakened Grunt offguard and knocking him out.

Bolas growled; he wanted to finish the Grunt off, but he knew the explosion would bring too many people for him and Sylvera to handle at once. And so with regret he walked away from the scene of the battle, preparing himself to fight another day. Sylvera, her life linked with his as it was, followed behind, wondering when the fighting would ever end.
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