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Team Nova RP Episode 8: Lost Souls

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User Info: Cheesepower5

3 years ago#81
The stones rebound from Grant's shield, sent flying back at Karen.

I'm so sorry. Gawain thinks. At least you died fighting for the ones you love.

The stones collide, and Karen yells in pain. Grant goes running away from Lugia, the spirit making a pained cringe on the boy's face as he hears the screams of his latter master's wife. He turns his head, seeing the stones flying in his direction, and dives down to avoid them. The very lowest stone grazes his back, the suit which Grant wore narrowly helping him avoid injury. It'd probably still bruise.

Just as the stones fly past, and Alakazam appears, touching him on the head and taking them to a safe place. Left behind were two Pokemon, a dying Tyrantrum and a Magnezone held down by impenetrable gale-force winds.

(I'm waiting for Meridia to decide what to do with Romulus, but assume Boo goes to get Yancy, Doe and her pretty much immediately after Grant.)
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User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#82
AUSTIN ~ DreamState

This time, Celena tortured him, by burning him. Then everytime he screamed, she would kill one of his friends. She lit a raging flame beneath him, it traveled up his legs.

"Ahhhh!",he screamed.
Her cold dead smile spread across her face, like a snake.
She walked to the back wall of the dungeon full of torture tools.

There, was where all his friends lay, battered, beaten, and bruised.

She grabbed a sword and thrust through Neal's heart, she twisted it. Blood gushed from the wound.
He spasmed for a bit before his body hang still by the chains portruding from the wall.

Now, she grabbed a small hammer, and walked towards Austin. She smashed at his forehead. It hurt, he tried to hold in the titanic pain. "Uuuuuurrrrrrggghhhg!!!",he let out the screeching wail of pain.

Now Celena, went to Ace. She grabbed a wing, and pulled with strength no human should have.
Ace's wings were ripped off, the staravia cried out to him. She grabbed his beak and did the same, until he stopped.
Next, she moved onto Shogun.Not stopping to torment Austin. He tried crying out to him, but no sound came from his dry mouth.

Now,Celena, grabbed his own scalchops, and bisected him with him. The dewott's pieces fell to the ground.

Again, he watched as she killed all his friends and family. Until, only he remained.
By now, his entire body was engulfed in flames, his head was smashed, and he was in tears.

She leisurely walked to him.

She put a knife in his arm, and a searing pain follow.
She stabbed a knife in his other arm, then in his chest, and legs.
Now, she thrust the final blade at the center of his face.

Once more the nightmare ended, but this time another did not replace it, but it felt like a nightmare.

AUSTIN~DreamState~ ???

He stood, translucent, he was on an island. It was early morning around 3-5, he was guessing. The skies were dark, and a beast hovered there.

Around him, stood Soldiers, he thought. One was in pain, one stood shocked holding a pokeball at a sleeping Manetric. It was a strange color, and a weird aura pulsed from it, but a the bigger pulse was The beast's, Lugia's.

A man looked hurt, and he wore a mask. There was kid, facing......Duncan King.

They couldn't see him though. He watched the scenes unfold, awestruck.

Then he floated off then ground , he realized he could watch this, however he wanted to. He decided to watch on the ground standing by the group.
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User Info: GX1997

3 years ago#83
After recalling Romulus Meridia also returned John Doe's Pokemon.

"I'm so sorry.I don't know what happened to him..."

Romulus wasn't StarBursted,so what could Duncan have done?Romulus was always so loyal,I don't think he would just turn on us like that.

"I think we should leave as soon as we can.We've already lost this fight,and we can't risk losing Mew to Nova."

Meridia put away Romulus' pokeball,and saw Squirtle staring at the ground.His face was so sad,it nearly broke her heart.She wasn't the only one who had lost friends,Squirtle had too.And now another could be added to that list that was already far too long.

I'll have the labs try to figure out what happened to him when we get back.
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#84
Yancy forced a Lum berry into John Doe's mouth as he laid paralyzed on on the ground. He disliked the taste, but was glad to be able to feel his body again, even if the lack of feeling was replaced by intense pain.

"I'm so sorry.I don't know what happened to him..."

"It's quite all riIIIGHT!" replied John Doe, going from a calm tone of voice to a wail of pain similar to that of a dying Purrloin as he tried to pick himself up from the floor.

"I'm really sorry!" said Yancy, "Togekiss is out of PP for Wish, and I've run out of Leppa berries!"

"That's also quite all right", groaned John Doe. His Pokemon all recalled themselves into their respective Pokeballs, and he had placed their balls (plus Manaphy's empty one) into his pockets. "I only regret being a useless unconscious body for most of this battle. What's going on right now?"

"As far as I know, most of the attacking Pokemon are gone", said Yancy. "The only ones left are that Lugia, and admins Duncan and Celena."

"That's not good", said Doe. "What's the status regarding everyone else?"

"Riley passed out getting you to wake up, as you know. Riley didn't sense Hugh's aura anywhere, so I think he was also taken away. Maxie died... And the Gallowglasses were fighting Duncan and the Lugia, last I saw them."

They're fighting...

A feeling of dread came over John Doe.

"Marisa's Alakazam told me that as soon as Lugia 'was the only one that remained, there would be nothing stopping Duncan from destroying us all'", continued Yancy. "Which means we should be--"

"Wait a minute", interrupted John Doe grimly. "You said the Gallowglasses were fighting Lugia... But don't you think it's a bit too quiet, if that were the case?"

They're not... They're still alive... right?
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User Info: Osranger

3 years ago#85
The boy disappears in a flash, Nodens whisking him away, leaving Duncan alone. Well, not entirely alone, he thinks, hearing a groan coming from behind him. He turns around, finding Karen crumpled on the ground, clutching her bleeding stomach.

"It seems you raised a good boy there, Karen." He says, crouching by the nearly incoherent woman. "It is a shame things had to end this way, for the both of you," he says, looking over to the body of Garth, pinned to the earth by stony spears. "You can rest now." Duncan raises his finger and a small spear of stone pierces through the earth into her skull. Her breathing stopped abruptly, just as her movement, and her suffering. "You both can rest now. Your deaths help to bring about a better tomorrow, even if it was not the one that you both wanted." With a wave of his hand, the ground beneath both of then crumbles away, encasing both of them within the earth, within ten feet of each other.
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User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#86

In an unidentified forest in Sinnoh, the hunter stalked it's prey. Three Nova soldiers were on patrol, in search for any wild Pokemon to Starburst.

But today, they will find only death.

The hunter, codenamed The Hunter, lied in wait beneath a tree, observing as the nova soldiers put their guns away as they lit a camp fire for the night. It was then that The Hunter made his move. Stealing the soldiers' firearms away from them while they were distracted, The Hunter brandished his knife and approached the defenseless Nova soldiers. They were intimidated by his primal movements and appearance.

Good. The Hunter savors the fear his prey feels before they are feasted upon.

"Wh-who are you?!" stammered one of the frightened soldiers.

"I am The Hunter", said The Hunter, licking the cold steel of his knife.

"W-w-what are you going to do with us?!"

"Nothing, really", hissed The Hunter. "I will merely stab you with this special knife of mine. It is coated with a special poison of my own creation. Fast acting, it shuts down a good part of your vitals as soon as it enters the body.

...I probably shouldn't have licked it earlier."

The Hunter slumped forward to the ground, dead. The three Nova soldiers realized this and then joined together to give a prayer to Arceus, blessing it for allowing them another chance at life, but cursing it for causing their pants to be soiled.

End Intermission
size does not matter....weight does.
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User Info: IVIasterJay

3 years ago#87
She tries to hold back a yawn but fails. Having solved it more than a dozen times, and gotten bored making patterns out of the sides, Cel tosses the Rubik's into the air, where it explodes. "You done yet? I want to get back and take a shower." Colored tiles rain down from the sky.
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User Info: HHDeception

3 years ago#88
Eusine, Suicune, and Raikou approached the broken ghost island that was formerly the Hoenn Battle Frontier. Would Nova leave a symbol of pokemon hapiness and enjoyment intact? Does that even need to be answered? Nova didn't even bother to inhabit it. They just left it as a rotting reminder of a world long gone.

The fact Nova didn't care about it also made it the perfect place to meet in secret. Celebi was to meet him here to start the next phase. The Doctor must be holding it up though, since normally the sprite would have voiced its impatience by now. Time travel spoils a person.

Something caught his eye as he approached. There appeared to be a Zoroark washed up on the beach. A trap? What's a Zoroark doing here of all places? Suicune circled around to the coast further down. Eusine assembled his long rifle and took aim, scouting for any signs of treachery.

(If Ava is still illusioning I'll change up this post).
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User Info: IVIasterJay

3 years ago#89
Solitaire sat down on the cool grass, finally done fixing up the broken ghost. Abel would still need to rest for a while, but for spending a month trapped with Giratina, it was a miracle how healthy he was. Most of the ghost's injuries were very recent, which made healing them much easier. Once an injury went unhealed for a long time, it could become permanent. Abel didn't seem to have any lasting damage though.

Jay watched the little ghost in his arms as it slept. "I'm sorry Abel. I'm sorry. I wanted to help you. I wanted to. It's my fault you had to endure so much. I wasn't strong enough to save you." He broke down into tears then. Solitaire's rioting of his positive emotions was washed away by the flood of self-loathing. "I need to be stronger. I need to be better. That way I can save you. All of you. I can save Ace. I can save Sup. I can save Lux. I can save all of you."

The little ghost woke up to tears flowing down its face, but they weren't its tears. The first thing Abel saw was Jay, hunched over him, crying. He wanted to say that he was okay.
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User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#90
Neal had arrived in front of the Pokemon Mansion when he heard an explosion.

Not worth my time.

"Corporal Jennings!" He shouted at the maid who attended to the rose bushes at the entrance. "Investigate the source immediately!"

Neal received a salute and a "Yes sir!" From the woman as she ripped off her disguise to reveal a special ops uniform beneath and ran towards the East. Neal burst through the mansion doors and strode towards the hidden entrance to the basement floors. He opened up a small panel I the walk and typed in then passcode, opening the hidden door. He continued forth until he stepped inside a room reserved for him I the medical wing. He lied down on the operating table and turned toward the doctor in he room.

"I believe it's time for my upgrades."
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