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Cynthia is my favorite Champion still

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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#21
She's my third favorite.
You simply can't beat Lance and Steven.
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User Info: alex1_2_3_4_5

3 years ago#22
Cynthia had the coolest team. Really showcased Sinnoh.
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User Info: Lord-Esko

3 years ago#23
Lance the dragon champion has always been my fav followed by steven
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User Info: NecrosexuaI

3 years ago#24
Cynthia is the worst champion to be honest. Gothic emo chick with no character.

she's wearing very classic clothing (black does not make goth, i am tired of this idea) and sideswept bang with short hair was in chic back in 2007. it's not as much anymore, but it was then. cynthia is by far not 'goth' or 'emo'. her hair is platinum blonde and she has a neutral personality (neither sad nor over, ridiculous happy)... just like most mid-20 women. also black trench with furs is very classic look in women clothing. around winter 2008 is when the style went from classic to military style in winter coat for women, and that trend has moved away from military style since. but 2006-2007 was a resurge in classic style, and cynthia is completely classically dress.

please tell me how she is 13 year old little girl stereotype again? how is she trying to be unique? where is her colour hair, eh? or black hair? black hair with STRAIGHT bang is staple with goth girls, not side sweep. if you're gonna knock her for a style of dress, KNOW THE STYLE OF DRESS.

also i would beg to say cynthia's personality is just like any high-achieving person, male or female. she is very serious. but that is not goth, nor emo.

She's also probably the weakest champion ever.
she was apparently first champion with all 31 iv in all pokemon. many, many player struggle against cynthia.
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