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Help for my team

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User Info: Bladescarr

3 years ago#1
When Pokémon bank comes out I plan to use this as my team:







But I just realized that none of them could learn fly which I would want cause its really useful to get around quickly.

So if you could say who I should remove and what pokemon I should add that could learn fly then I would be happy :P

Thanks! also no legendaries please.

User Info: sword_artist_

3 years ago#2
Try Staraptor
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User Info: 12Rouge

3 years ago#3
I'd say Empoleon or Metagross because they're both steel type.
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User Info: Bladescarr

3 years ago#4
would you recommend getting rid of Empoleon or Metagross?

And if I got Staraptor, what is a good moveset for him?
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