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Best ice type pokemon

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User Info: Mcrakin85

3 years ago#1
What do you think is the best ice type pokemon?
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User Info: Crazyfluff

3 years ago#2
hmmm, either weavile/mamoswine/avallugg/abomasnow.

( i personally like regice the best).

User Info: Crazyfluff

3 years ago#3
Oh and the kyurem forms >.>.

User Info: chaoshadou

3 years ago#4
Froslass is up there.
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User Info: cyborg99sreturn

3 years ago#5
It's definitely Weavile.
Obamasnow is a close second.
Articuno just cries. She needs a buff. :(
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User Info: ophanseraph123

3 years ago#6
Utility? Froslass.

Sweeping? Weavile.
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User Info: Crazyfluff

3 years ago#7
chaoshadou posted...
Froslass is up there.

oh ya how could I forget about one of my favorites, Love using froslass as a spikes lead.

User Info: dierave

3 years ago#8
ophanseraph123 posted...
Utility? Froslass.

Sweeping? Weavile.

i have never seen a weavile sweep in my entire life
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User Info: selkie1997

3 years ago#9
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