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Post E4 Friend Safari Code thread

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User Info: Th3Birdman

4 years ago#1
Couldn't find one with this specific theme, so I'm creating this thread.

Only post your FC if you have beaten the Elite Four.

If someone posts here and they haven't beaten the E4, out them in this thread.

My FC is in my sig, so let's get the ball rolling.

P.S. Would be helpful if you know your type and/or pokemon.

I'm Flying. (Ironic, ain't it??)
Pokemon Y 3DS FC: 2509-1739-7339. PM me so I can add you back

User Info: Marethyu1

4 years ago#2
First you stole the name birdman from the afl crows player who was nicknamed birdman second my FC is below along with type and pokemon add me thanks
3Ds FC: 26642712911. Name is: Marethyu
I have fighting type with sawk, riolu and machoke in. Pm me so I can add you
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