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This is the first pokemon game...

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User Info: SoulSlayer64x

3 years ago#31
Doctor_Spanky posted...
The Sevii Islands have really been the only substantial post-game story in any generation

Wait, BW/2 nvm

But also went almost nowhere plotwise. MEH.
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User Info: banjo kazooie

banjo kazooie
3 years ago#32
Tempestuous_Sea posted...
Scott1187 posted...
the_NGW posted...
Scott1187 posted...
From Elite 4 onwards: Worst pokemon game to date.

Skipped Red/Blue/Yellow?

I already addressed this with Cerulean Cave and the pokedex, but, and I apologise for not being very clear, when I said Elite 4 onwards, I was including the Elite 4 in that part of it. RBY Elite 4 craps all over XY Elite 4. Gary was also a worthy champion that you had a history with. What was with that actress chick who appeared once or twice in the story and was suddenly a champion? RBY Elite 4 + Cerulean Cave >>>>>> XY Elite 4 + Battle Maison.

I don't think your dismissal of Terminus Cave is justified.

It's not postgame, the only thing you can do after the end you couldn't before the eigth gym is enter the room with Zygarde. All the trainers in the cave are tuned for being fought at the time you went through the route.

Quite frankly, though, this game's postgame is among the worst in the series. That said, dismissing the Battle Maison really makes you sound like you don't understand the game's in-depth mechanics. Like, seriously. If you're crying about it cheating, I don't know how you could possibly have managed earlier incarnations of it (Towers, Subway...).
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User Info: ssyl9

3 years ago#33
Well... consider playing online?

They have made Super training for EV, Friend safari/destiny knot for IV, and restaurants/Battle cheatau/exp share for fast leveling

It is clear that they want the post game to be online wifi battles

I personally is having fun training/breeding pokemon and testing out team strategies with my mates before going online.

I take battling against other players against exploring a cave that is done in 20 minutes anyday...

Also post game battling in previous games with random trainers after elite 4 is kinda stupid... its like they just ignore you becoming the champion of a region and challenge you with a single rattata.

However being able to go to another region with another 8 gyms to battle would be nice
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#34
Working on a team is satisfying, since I at least know I'll be ready when the third version/whatever else comes out.
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User Info: oMaJoJ

3 years ago#35
Scott1187 posted...
oMaJoJ posted...
Scott1187 posted...
I'm actually going to put this out there.

From beginning to Elite 4: Best pokemon game to date.

From Elite 4 onwards: Worst pokemon game to date.

Have you played Red/Blue?

I have. And I still rate Cerulean Cave over the entire of X/Y's sorry excuse for a post-game. As a kid, Cerulean Cave was actually kind of exciting and tough. And Mewtwo just waiting for you at the end there, and being an actual task to capture, that to me was worth way more than a new town with nothing in it except a repetitive, rigged battle house with no pay off.

Yeah well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

I'll like the Battle Maison. I build teams and see just how far I can go with it. You don't seem to like them so I guess it's not for you. A lot of the post game things seem to be community based right now, battling and trading. I'm building a mono-flying team for a tourney I'm going to try to attend later this week and wonder-trading the scraps. It's fun to me seeing what you end up getting, I'm can't understand how other guy thinks he's getting scammed unless he's putting in his actual valuable pokemon, in which case, you're doing it wrong.

And as for your Cerulean Cave being exciting and tough, it wasn't, you were a kid. Also, You missed the Pokemon!
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User Info: The_Desk

3 years ago#36
Ya the post game is pretty non-existent. Other then the lack of new Pokemon/megas (I still dislike them) that was my only real complaint.
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