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The most neeeded Electric Mega Evolutions

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User Info: Kementarri

3 years ago#11
Misdreavus573 posted...
Nakkaru posted...
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User Info: MM125

3 years ago#12
Mega Raichu
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User Info: Gastroid

3 years ago#13
Mega Plusle and Mega Minun.
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User Info: wachimingo

3 years ago#14
why no gen6 megas?
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User Info: Doctor_Spanky

3 years ago#15
wachimingo posted...
why no gen6 megas?

Why no gen V megas, for that matter
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User Info: CrowKing

3 years ago#16
Solar_Crimson posted...
Nakkaru posted...


...Or Rotom.

So would Rotom Mega-evolve into an appliance store?
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#17
I think you guys need to understand something here.
Some Pokemon are beyond Mega Evos. Pinsir? Still useless. Manectric? How many of those have you seen?
Garchomp, Blaziken, Lucario, Gengar, and even Mewtwo got Mega Evos that they can actually use. Pacharisu needs to evolve TWICE before I'd even CONSIDER giving him a Mega Evo because Mega Pacharisu would still be useless. Same with the other two.

Luxray can't evolve any more, he's quite popular, he looks awesome, and he needs a buff. If Luxray even got a little boost, he'd be amazing. Pacharisu needs more than "a little boost."

Put simply, the Pokemon that "deserve" Mega Evos are the ones that people say are OP.
The Pokemon that "need" Mega Evos are the ones that CAN ACTUALLY USE THEM.
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