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What if FR/LG got a remake instead of R/S/E?

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User Info: BurningFlareX

3 years ago#1
What would your reaction be?
I wouldn't be disappointed, but I still would prefer R/S/E remakes.
P.S: I'm fully aware there's no guarantee, word, rumor or anything else about Gen 3 remakes, in case anybody feels the need to "nicely" mention this.
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User Info: NintenNessLucas

3 years ago#2
I would still buy em, but I'd be a little upset seeings how FR/LG was the R/B/G remake already. Plus we seen most of Kanto remade again in HG/SS
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User Info: Tigo73

3 years ago#3
I would honestly consider skipping It, due to how tired of Kanto I am.
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User Info: Flintlock_Staff

3 years ago#4
I heard you like remakes, so I made a remake of your remakes.
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User Info: imitebjoe

3 years ago#5
I'd like them to give the HG/SS treatment to hoenn rather then a straight updated remake


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User Info: GoldenPower89

3 years ago#6
FR/LG are already remakes. Why remake a remake?
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User Info: 360pages

3 years ago#7
Oddly enough FR/LG are older than Hoenn if you consider Emerald, then again, by the way things are turning out, I don't expect a remake at all, anytime soon.
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User Info: BurningFlareX

3 years ago#8
GoldenPower89 posted...
FR/LG are already remakes. Why remake a remake?

Yep, I know that's NOT going to happen, I just wonder what would people think of it.
That, and I think FR/LG is somewhat outdated, with the lack of a lot of new mechanics and such, so...Yeah.
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User Info: BlitzTHedgehog

3 years ago#9
Every time a new handheld comes out, the first Pokémon game on it will be a remake of the previous R/B remake, adding new things, just as FR/LG. Eventually there's so many new things, the game hardly takes place in the original Kanto at all. People will post topics about the best place to use the Poke Radar on Twenty Island, and ask why they haven't been offered the chance to go through the dark portal to Otnak.
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User Info: Cedlow

3 years ago#10
Disappointed kanto has been in every gen except five and six so far. I'd only like it if it was a sequel that took place a few years after GSC.
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