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What types really deserve a buff in future generations?

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User Info: Platinum_Luigi

4 years ago#31
Here's what they need to do

-Make Fairy resists Dragon instead of being completely immune to it.
-Give Fairy another weakness, preferrably Grass

-Weak to poison
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User Info: Sky_Luigi

4 years ago#32
duh555 posted...
lol why should dark being created to slow down psychics from gen 1 have any relevance in giving it a boost TODAY? yes we get it, you know your history lesson of why darks were originally created. that doesn't mean squat today though in a world where the only darks that are OU (ie tyranitar and hydrogein) are only such because of their 600 BST. dark typing just plain sucks

Greninja will also be OU (but Greninja is pretty much every type...)

Dark types already received a great buff with hitting steel neutral. Plus some of the best moves are dark typed moves. The introduction of fairy hurts them though.

Ice needs to be better defensively. The only defensive ice typed Pokemon that works right now is Avalugg and that's only because of his tremendous defense and access to recover. Cloyster and Mamoswine are bulky but they're commonly used as sweepers. Resistance to Water and losing one of its weaknesses would help a lot.

I would also say Bug but they just keep getting better every gen. More high BST bugs wouldn't hurt.
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User Info: GirlHope

4 years ago#33
Poison types rock but Ludicolo does NOT need a 5x Weakness.

User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#34
Ice needs to resist grass and water, as well as ground.

i also would like an ability that freezes any pokemon who uses a physical fighting type move on the pokemon, and it shall be called frostbite
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User Info: Crimson_Spider

4 years ago#35
The three that I would like to buff are Ice, Bug, and Poison.

The fact is that ice is more of a detriment as far as typing goes than a plus. It resists nothing but itself, gets a bunch of weaknesses on top of that, and the only thing you get is 50% more damage out of ice attacks. IMO, ice should resist at least water and fairy, and lose their weakness to rock.

The next one is bug. But usually had a place somewhere, taking out dark/psychic, but with fairy types resisting and hitting darks, and dark types walling most psychics, bug doesn't have a place anymore. Bug has a strange set of resistances (fighting, ground, grass) in that, except for grass, bug doesn't hit any of them hard, and also way too many pokes resist bug now (fire, fighting, poison, flying, ghost, steel, fairy). If anything, I'd remove fighting and fairy's resistance to bug.

Poison is actually pretty good, but technically this is a buff: I'd make water weak to poison. The thing with poison is that is is a great defensive typing, in that it resists grass, fighting, poison, fairy, and bug, and is only hit by ground and psychic, and most of the time the ground weakness is taken care of.
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User Info: FryDays5000

4 years ago#36
Platinum_Luigi posted...
Here's what they need to do

-Make Fairy resists Dragon instead of being completely immune to it.

Can you take a minute and look at the distribution of STAB Outrage and Draco Meteor? Yeah, its not going to happen for a long time.

-Weak to poison

I'd make Poison resist water than being SE against it since it's a defensive type. Azumarill doesn't need a nerf.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#37
RollerBob posted...
Title says it all.

For me, 6 types:
- Poison: Wow, Gamefreaks really must hates this type. It started as super-effective against Grass and Bug, but then in Gen 2, they removed the effectiveness to Bug in addition of being screwed over by Steel. Only in Gen 6 did Poison get a buff by being a good type against Fairy. For Gen 7, not only should they bring back super-effectiveness to Bug, since Bug already deals 1/2 damage to Poison, but also another super-effectiveness. I was thinking Water due to how toxins can damage water ecosystems very quickly.

- Ice: Gamefreaks seemed to have neglected this type as well, since a lot of Ice types were dual types. It took them up to Gen 3 to add pure Ice types like Snorunt, Ghalie and Regice. Ice is only resistant against Ice. I believe that Ice needs to be resistant to Water, because while Water attacks technically means that they are hotter than Ice, what about that water freezes on contact with ice because it flash-freezes it? So that's why I could see Ice resisting Water. Scald could become a water/fire type move, like Flying Press is a flying/fighting type move.

- Grass: The major problem I have with Grass is that they often don't have access to the Type that would make them decent: Rock. It can take versions for them to get decent Rock moves in order to take out 4 of their 5 weaknesses. Yes, there's Hidden Power, but unless they add an option to manually indicate and choose which type this attack can be, I'll stick to standard ones.

- Fairy: No, it's not for the type chart, but for the fact that they only have 6 attacks and only one is Physical. Maybe they could double that amount in Gen 7.

- Fire: Once again, it's about the moves. As a buff, it should get more Physical attacks, in addition of making these Physical attacks more available via TMs, Egg Moves and/or Tutors.

- Psychic: Finally, another type that deserves more moves. More Physical attacks, in fact, more attacks regardless of kind. It has a lot of non-damaging ones, but surprisingly, less attacks.

So, which types deserve a buff?

But Poison also got "buffed" in Gen 2 by equally losing its weakness to Bug. The relationship didn't change from Gen 1 -> 2, only the damage output did. (They went from being SE on one another to being NVE on one another).

Poison also got buffed this gen in not only being strong against Fairy (while also resisting it), but it also now has never-miss Toxic. It can hit even if the Pokemon is using Dig or Fly.

It gained a new strength, a new resistance, Toxic is now even better and it didn't lose anything else. I'd say Poison got a pretty nice buff this gen.

Whereas Steel was buffed, but also nerfed at the same time.
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User Info: Duchess_Of_Nuts

4 years ago#38
Psychic being immune to the confusion status infliction sounds like an awful ideal logically. They use their minds to control their surroundings, so it sounds like their defenses to mind trickery would be easy, right? Well, that would be right if they were not attacking and were anticipating a mind flaying attack. Think of it like a sword and a shield. You can not take a broad swing with your sword while putting your giant shield directly in front of you. All of your resources and energy are being put into swinging the sword, the shield is in a sideways/stowed position so it is rendered ineffective for its protectiveness.

Anyway, back on topic after sidetracking a tiny bit. . .

Ice types need a buff, which is just eliminating one of their weakness or giving them another resistance. That would make them a bit more fair. I think fighting breaking ice does not make much sense. I can see a giant boulder making a dent in an iceberg. But a fist? Not so much. Fighting only has 3 weaknesses so it can afford to give up one of its five super effective hits. Perhaps remove Psychic's fighting resistance since I do not see how a super genius can handle a punch to the face better just because he/she is smarter.

Grass types should be have their defenses increased two-fold during sleep statuses that actually land on them, and make sleep powder/spore also work. In refrence to how flowers or plants "close up" during nighttime, which is when most things sleep. However, plants do not sleep since their functions still remain the same. So a sleeping Pokemon is not asleep, but will permenently have the sleep status inflicted on them. They can still attack normally and move normally. In otherwords, it will punish someone severely for trying to put it to sleep. This will not fix their weaknesses, but it will give them a really unique niche against people who rely on sleep statuses to setup. To make it a bit more fair, teammates can not put their own allies to sleep to avoid status inflictions sent to them by the enemy.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#39
DexterTheThird posted...
+ Give Water a Poison Weakness
+ Give Ice a Water Resistance, let Hail work like Sandstorm for buffing Defense, and spread Freeze Dry to more Ice types

That's it. Basically, take Water down a peg or two.

Water is really ridiculous.

Only Electric and Grass are super effective against it.

And Water Pokemon tend to be bulky and many healing abilities.
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