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tell me if grass is such an HORRIBLE typing, according to MOST, then why was...

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User Info: Volren617

4 years ago#61
Rook_the_Ranger posted...
Grass type is a good defensive type. Resistances to water, electric, grass, and ground are amazing as those are common attacking types. The bug, flying, and poison weaknesses are not a big deal as you won't see them too often.

Even offensively, it's not that bad. Hidden power grass and grass knot being coverage moves on several pokemon attest to this.

Issues with Grass is it has always been a mixed bag. Definitely some useful resistances, but also glaring weaknesses to fire and ice, typings that are omnipresent as coverage options on most sweepers.

Offensively I think it's also the most resisted type (or tied IIRC) so while it has utility for its coverage (particularly as one of the only weaknesses of Water) it is not a particularly good type to rely on as a STAB. It doesn't really have immediate synergy with another typing that covers most of what resists grass either since so many typings do.

So it brings a lot of bad with the good which is why people generally say it's a bad typing. Still definitely not as bad or one-dimensional as lolice though.

Generally speaking it takes more than just being Grass or part-Grass to make a poke bad, it's always just about whether the 2ndary typing/stats/movepool/ability bring enough strengths to offset the weaknesses.

User Info: Furryyiffer

4 years ago#62
eclipse_exe posted...
Furryyiffer posted...
eclipse_exe posted...
Natatteru posted...
Hey, so uh... if Fire/Flying is such an HORRIBLE typing because Stealth Rock, according to MOST, then why was Ho-Oh sent to Ubers, and why is Talonflame so popular right now?

so what GIVES? oh, i KNOW the ANSWER... because of their FIRE/FLYING TYPING. lmao

actually, its because gale wings is too good and hooh's stats and movepool are so powerful that even with it taking a huge hit from stealth rocks it would easily wipeout multiple ou pokemon before it died.. or at least thats what i assume is why its there, never really paid much attention to ubers.

you missed the joke dude

ahh, sarcasm... my mistake, hard to tell whats sarcastic and whats not on the internet lol. sorry about that.

I started reading that in Dracula's voice from Symphony of the Night lol
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User Info: EHeroHaneKuribo

4 years ago#63
Venusaur, Breloom, Ferrothorn and Celebi are some of the best Pokemon in the game.

People who think Grass type is bad are fools.

User Info: eclipse_exe

4 years ago#64
Slayerblade11 posted...

You have no idea what you're talking about. Spore is far and away the best status move in the game.

actually i'd argue that curse is slightly better, its more widely available, has a high amount of per turn damage ( highest in the game short of a toxic thats been on for a while) and doesn't have the sleep clause limiting its use.

@Furryyiffer: i'll admit that made me lol once i remembered his voice.
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User Info: Ultima_Wraith

4 years ago#65
_Sazando_ posted...
Decimator11 posted...
One Pokemon is an exception, not a rule.

then tell me a POKEMON that is worse OFF because they ARE part GRASS?

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