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can jynx and ditto breed?

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User Info: megaman_777

4 years ago#1
how come they aren't breeding for me? the guy keepssaying they don't like each other pl shelp
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User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#2
Well, as long as they don't prefer to play with other Pokemon...
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User Info: MLBloomy

4 years ago#3
They will breed, just give it time. Trying to breed 2 Pokemon of different species with the same OT produces that message, which means there's a lower chance they'll breed every time the game checks if it's time to produce an egg. You have higher odds with a breeding pair that is different species / different OT or same species / different OT, with the highest odds for same species / different OT.

If they prefer to play with other Pokemon, then they won't breed.
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  3. can jynx and ditto breed?

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