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ITT things pokemon are not.

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User Info: CopShowGuy

4 years ago#11
Pokemon is not automatic citizenship.
~ The Sage of Shadow ~

User Info: Ac3777

4 years ago#12
Slowbro is NOT fast.

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User Info: Duchess_Of_Nuts

4 years ago#13
Seaking is not a king.

Kingdra is not a king.

Nidoking is not a king.

Nidoqueen is not a queen.
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User Info: Azure_Flame

4 years ago#14
Ghetsis is NOT a toaster.

Girafarig is NOT a toaster.

Natural Harmonia Gropius is NOT a toaster.

Vaporeon is NOT a toaster.

A toaster, however, is, unfortunately, a toaster. :(
"[Gravity Rush] is like losing your virginity; sometimes you won't know what you're doing, it's over way too quick and it's totally amazing!" -CBrate

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#15
Blaziken is NOT Ganondorf.
Ganondorf is Blaziken's slower but stronger clone.
I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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User Info: TG_Wolf

4 years ago#16
Charizard is not not in my bed.
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