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ITT: How would Eevee evolve into other types?(Fighting, etc.)

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User Info: Puppyfaic

3 years ago#1
Everyone always talks about new Eeveelutions they want, but one thing that's always made me wonder is how exactly would Eevee evolve into the new evolutions? Post your ideas here!

My idea for a Fighting-type Eevee: Have it max its EVs and clear a Secret Super Training course. Level it up, and watch it evolve~

User Info: ThunderPotato

3 years ago#2
Punch Eevee in Pokemon Amie and it becomes Puncheon, the fighting eeveelution.
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User Info: Black_Koma

3 years ago#3
(Ghost) Deadeon: make it level up and then get fainted in the same battle

User Info: danielfromhood

3 years ago#4
Meleeon or Colosseon would be cool for fighting types.
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User Info: Mtvn

3 years ago#5
Steel trade with metal coat
Ghost trade with ghost type( like shelmet and karablast)
Poison lvl up with a poison type in the party
Flying idk
Rock lvl up in the mountains
Ground lvl up in cave
Bug lvl up knowing bug move(?)
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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

3 years ago#6
To Evolve Eevee into Obliveon, it must first be at maximum affection. Then, you must go to a graveyard area and get into a battle there, a battle in which Eevee must participate and a battle which you must ultimately win. If at the end of the battle Eevee is fainted, it will evolve into the Ghost-type Obliveon and be restored to maximum HP. The power of Eevee's love for its trainer, you see, allows it to absorb the graveyard's energy so that it can stick around even in death to protect its trainer.
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User Info: GirlHope

3 years ago#7
Eevee training should not require...EV training for evolution.

Eevee evolves into Flying type if it knows a Flying move and is leveled up wqith max happiness while riding a blimp.

Eevee evolves into Steel type when leveled up with max happiness while riding a train.

Eevee evolves into Dragon type if it defeats a horde of dragon Pokémon that are at least ten levels higher than it, so long as Eevee was the only Pokémon to fight in the battle.

Eevee evolves into a Poison type by battling in the Toxic Marsh or near a polluted river.

User Info: Echixir

3 years ago#8
I kinda wish they'd all just level up with stones, would be much simpler.
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User Info: Habefiet

3 years ago#9
Normal-Type evo: Eeveeon? Get it to fifty without evolving it by any other method.
Ghost-Type evo: Spectreon. Bring it to the game's token "dead Pokemon" area with it fainted.
Poison-Type evo: Toxeon? Teach it Toxic and level it up while it's poisoned.

Yeah I know the names are terrible rofl

Can't think of any other whacky ideas atm

User Info: ZeroGravity38

3 years ago#10
Eveon Normal

Must have
-Max Happiness and Affection
-Trump card as a move
-Hold a dawn stone
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