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Lugia found in XY

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User Info: nblasteroin

4 years ago#1

Apparently someone says: "If you get 1000 wins in a row at the Battle Maison and battle Sycamore you get a Lugia egg from the Lumiose ghost."
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User Info: SoulRegalia

4 years ago#2
Seems Legit
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User Info: untrustful

4 years ago#3
Sounds like those safari zone rumors from Red/Blue
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User Info: Empiror

4 years ago#4
And he delivers it to your house in a truck I assume
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#5
They didn't even try to make that Photoshop look believable.
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User Info: Thekiller37

4 years ago#6
Maybe if I reach 2000 wins I can get a Ho-oh egg
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User Info: The_Weegee

4 years ago#7
From: SoulRegalia | #002
Seems Legit

The name isn't even Lugia. >_>
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User Info: Groadergreen

4 years ago#8
It has Squirtle's name. Looks like a lazy hack job.
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User Info: KingChickadee

4 years ago#9
Empiror posted...
And he delivers it to your house in a truck I assume

along with a tightly wrapped Wulfric
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#10
Weird... That Lugia has the same name as a Japanese Squirtle. That doesn't seem suspicious at all!
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