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Lugia found in XY

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User Info: Black_Koma

4 years ago#11
His name says Zenigame

Thats Squirtle's Japanese name

Goddammit, Greninja'd

User Info: Bass50

4 years ago#12
Empiror posted...
And he delivers it to your house in a truck I assume

Yep, and if you check under the truck before he leaves, you'll find a Mew.

User Info: bcornelia

4 years ago#13
lol did someone seriously photoshop the lugia from smealum's pic over another pokemon

level 1

I'm dying
This is an elite pirate

User Info: the_NGW

4 years ago#14
lol @ the naysayers

This is totally legit. I did the same and it totally worked.
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User Info: ZackeCorvus

4 years ago#15
He took the Lugia straight from this screenshot, and plastered it onto a baby Squirtle.
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User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#16
good to know we can breed Lugia now... I wonder if any other legendaries are given genders
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User Info: SoulRegalia

4 years ago#17
The_Weegee posted...
From: SoulRegalia | #002
Seems Legit

The name isn't even Lugia. >_>

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User Info: demonofsparta

4 years ago#18
no one gonna point out that its male?
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User Info: Why_Is_Purple

4 years ago#19
If you clear the battles with only Missingno., you'll get a Super Mega Mewthree EX.

Don't pay attention to the URL, though. It's real, but it's just in a low resolution. It also says just Mewthree because there isn't enough space. :D
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