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What is your latest shiny and what did you do with it?

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User Info: APlusle

4 years ago#41
Bibarel... I just shoved it in a box. Because I am crazy.

Jiruru posted...
Bibarel... tempted to make it an HM slave so I can drag it everywhere.

What the @_@
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User Info: EvilZero

4 years ago#42
The one and only shiny I've ever obtained in a pokemon game (with the exception of the free shiny at Lake of Rage) is my shiny Larvitar =D His IVs are meh, but green is my favorite color. He's sitting in a PC box at the moment.
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User Info: chaingear097

4 years ago#43
Shiny Timid Bagon with Rock head named Fafnir...still in my PC

I'm still unsure if I want to trade it off or to make a Special Sweeper out of it..or at least a MixMence
"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless." ~Bill Waterson
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User Info: Onorleana

4 years ago#44
a horsea and i havent done anything with it is in the box

User Info: M-Watcher

4 years ago#45
A Shiny Weepinbell I got in a horde. I replaced Gloom with this as my horde summoner, as it just learned Sweet Scent. It's Adamant nature too, so I can probably make it into a decent physical attacker. I will probably evolve it pretty soon.

Definitely one of the more useful Shinies I've gotten over the years.
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User Info: LontaBeans

4 years ago#46
Audino. I ate it.
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User Info: Whacko Jacko

Whacko Jacko
4 years ago#47
I caught a shiny tentacruel in soul silver... it should still be in a box somewhere. Before that it was a shiny golbat in the original silver version... literally... I've found 2 shinies besides the scripted gyrados.

User Info: Zetsuei_8823

4 years ago#48
Just caught a shiny Quagsire trying to find a shiny Karrablast or Haunter using the Radar. It's in a box with other "meh" Pokémon, along with a shiny Ducklett and a shiny Ariados.
- NuclearSpark -
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User Info: January17th

4 years ago#49
Shiny Bidoof...
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster...
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User Info: Cubit_Foxter

4 years ago#50
Shiny Phantump. I wanted to trade it to someone for a shiny version of what I'd been trying to get, but then I started playing with it and now I don't want to.
Hundred Thoughts Poisonous Fox
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