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What is your latest shiny and what did you do with it?

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User Info: yummychop

3 years ago#91
just caught a shiny lapras!

nearly got away using perish song, but somehow i thunder wave + false swiped, then got a critical capture... phew.


User Info: TVDarko874

3 years ago#92
Shiny Watchog. Caught right after the 6th badge, part of my team for the rest of the main story.
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User Info: BlueEye0

3 years ago#93
I think it was Numel. That was in 2007 or something on Ruby. Hoping to get shiny one of these days.

User Info: Nidoprime

3 years ago#94
Just chained a shiny Skiddo a moment ago. It has 31 IVs in Def and SpAtk. Not sure if it's useful at all yet.
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User Info: Cedlow

3 years ago#95
Scizor and klefki both have the right nature and IVs and are currently in my "battle ready box" scizor has done really well and I only hatched klefki last night so haven't used it yet likely going to run it as a dual screener.
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User Info: mewinator

3 years ago#96
Jolly Swirlix, not sure of its stat spread yet. It is sitting in the PC.
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User Info: XWolfO

3 years ago#97
It was a Mr. Mime, and I killed it!

User Info: Koite

3 years ago#98
Shiny Duskull. Don't like shinies that much. Traded away for some HA ability Pokemon I didn't have.
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User Info: Saint_Michael

3 years ago#99
Shiny Sneasel in the original pokemon Gold. I think I planned to train him but never did.

User Info: astrangeone

3 years ago#100
Kecleon, sitting in my box.
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