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Are you sentimental at all with your Pokemon?

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User Info: Bkurisenshi

4 years ago#1
I caught a Careful shiny Skorupi earlier tonight, and I hatched a Bold male shiny Ralts a week or 2 ago. Neither will likely do much competitively, but the thing is...I caught/bred them. Sure, I could trade them to someone for something useful like an IV-trained Poke, but...I caught/bred them, you know? It's not like they're just replaceable. So I think I'll keep them, and use them...somehow. Oh, and I did nickname them.

What about you all and your shinies that you got personally?
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User Info: Sloth9230

4 years ago#2
They're just data.
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4 years ago#3
I hatched my first ever shiny(well, my first ever shiny was actually a Bidoof, but I choose to forget about that) , it was a Lapras, and I intend to keep it, it's kind of a reminder of when I first started breeding, it has perfect stats in everything except speed, which it has 4 ='( it would of been so good too.
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User Info: Blingya25

4 years ago#4
Sloth9230 posted...
They're just data.

No, those are Digimon, Digital Monsters! xP

On-topic: Yeah, I'm attached to my Pokemon. This is the closest thing to a "Real Pokemon" you'll ever get, unless there's a Magic Lamp..., but yeah.
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User Info: Xeo352

4 years ago#5
Of course, who cares if they're just data. I have way more fun with RPGs if I actually play the role... hence the name... I get attached to my pokemon just like any real trainer would.
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User Info: ZarethKnyght

4 years ago#6
Not all but usually my favourites. I want to use them as much as possible :p
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User Info: knytrune

4 years ago#7
It depends on the Pokemon I suppose. For example, my old Pokemon that I have had since Leaf Green are very sentimental to me despite them not being EV/IV-ly planned because I had no interest in them back in the day. In fact, I'd not trade away any Pokemon from my Leaf Green copy just because to me at least, they're almost as valuable as any shiny even if it was just a random Ratatta or something.

However, it's because of this reason that they're all still sitting in my Pokemon Diamond and not being moved up to B&W or B&W2. It was because I was pretty certain that Pokemon Diamond would have been enough to safekeep them as long as games coming out would be for the DS (and besides, I don't like easy Pokedex completion as I have all 493 Pokemon from the first four gens). But now, with X and Y and a new system, it's only natural that I have to move them up because I'm pretty sure I will misplace my DS cartridges one of these days (or maybe their battery will die).

The only thing I'm not looking forward to though, is that I have to move them up to B&W or B&W2 first. That's just too many Pokemon to transfer.

User Info: MegaSlush

4 years ago#8
Only Pokémon I did the story with, and the (almost) perfect Pokémon I raised later for competitive purposes. (I tend to go with my favorites, regardless of tier)
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User Info: AIien803

4 years ago#9
I am a casual player. My top pokemon all have sentimental value. And my shiny quilladin
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User Info: zantx

4 years ago#10
MegaSlush posted...
Only Pokémon I did the story with, and the (almost) perfect Pokémon I raised later for competitive purposes. (I tend to go with my favorites, regardless of tier)

This, as well as any rare/good breeds I get. I even keep the ones I caught solely for dex-completion purposes in case I ever need them again. I'm always a "just in case I need this" type of person. Only things I'll trade away are breeding rejects.
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