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Are you sentimental at all with your Pokemon?

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User Info: Pairedsnake

3 years ago#21
I dont consider myself sentimental but lets just say id fight you over my arcanine in white 2

User Info: Wout4442

3 years ago#22
Somewhat yes, a lot of my Pokemon that I still (want to) use today are from Gen III and IV games. Like my shiny Latias from Emerald, my starting Jolteon in Pokemon XD, the singing Gardevoir I got from XD, the Treecko I hatched a few years back on Platinum, etc.

All this talk makes me want to have Pokebank even more >.<
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User Info: Zetsuei_8823

3 years ago#23
I got really attached to my party back in Emerald.
I'd cheer on my Swampert through the "speakers" on my GBA, thinking it'd motivate him to deliver the final blow on Lunatone before it did me in [I was a kid and stats were just weird numbers]. I loved my Swampert. I also loved my Rayquaza. I didn't care that it was a legendary nor that there might have been some chance it was "OP" of me to use it. I'd spend hours training my Beldum to the Metagross it deserved to be. I'd spend more time than necessary trying to get a Bagon and training it. Type advantages went over my head, and I used the Pokémon I liked. I would get upset when my Pokémon gets KO'd, and would "tell" my next Pokémon to avenge them.

I got really attached. I still have my Swampert and Rayquaza. I had almost 500 hours on that save file.

/wave of nostalgia
- NuclearSpark -
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User Info: Latias007

3 years ago#24
Sloth9230 posted...
They're just data.

Well you're just matter.

I used to be attached to all my Pokemon until I got over it. Now I can trade one away without regret. But I wouldn't trade away my starter because I care about its 'met at' report.
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User Info: CA0001

3 years ago#25
Sloth9230 posted...
They're just data.

Pokemon and video games are just data, which are made up of electrons and photons, guess what, that is exactly the same as everything else we perceive in reality.

We can only perceive reality through our senses and our senses only pick up signals through electrons and photons for sight.

Photons cause our retina to react and send an electronic signal to our brain through the nervous system.

Smell and taste, electrons from the molecules react with the sensory cells in the organs which results in an electronic signal.

Before even reaching the nucleus where the strong and weak force resides, all atoms and molecules repel or attract each other because of electrons, this allows us to 'touch' objects, which is actually a repelling force and we never ever make contact with any matter in the universe. The same repulsion causes waves which we perceive as sound.

You can include sense of heat, pain and all other senses and they are all reactions to electrons, with the only exception of the sense of balance being affected by gravity.

We can only experience our process our world through photons and electrons and this is no different from experiencing the virtual world. If we can get attached to the physical world, we can do the same to the virtual world.
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

3 years ago#26
The team I used to beat Red in HGSS (my first game). Still haven't transferred them yet...
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User Info: tarzanmx

3 years ago#27
A lot.
Not changing this sig until I have at least one Shiny version of each Eeveelution.
1/9 done.

User Info: NightsOwl

3 years ago#28
Yeeeep. Spend a long time getting an all blue/black team. Required 3 shinies and a lot of breeding. It's been fun and they serve me well in battles. When I lose, I do feel like it was me who failed and not my pokemon. It's fun. o;
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#29
Nothing will ever replace my Ferrothorn with 20+ Speed and crappy everything else.

Still makes people ragequit, BTW.
I was once modded for illegal activity because I made a topic asking for advice on nicknaming my Pokemon.
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User Info: r7gerrabbit

3 years ago#30
All Pokemon could be named AAAAA for all I care. The only thing I see in RPGs are numbers. Numbers make up absolutely everything. I focus on making those numbers the most optimal they can be.
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