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Your favorite Pokemon gets a mega-evolution!

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User Info: kirbyfan23

4 years ago#81
Mega Wobbuffet
Item: Wobbuffite
Pure Psychic
Ability: Bounceback (I'm making this up now)
Effect: Counterattacks gain 1.2x damage boosts

Yeah. My job is done.

User Info: messhia_dark

4 years ago#82
mega garbdor, a badass dumpster.
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User Info: TheGreatDebate

4 years ago#83
Mega Rapidash. Turns into a Pegasus!!!!!!!
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User Info: mikepayne5555

4 years ago#84
mega empoleon
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User Info: PaladinAlik

4 years ago#85
Mega Lapras- Water Dragon?
Abillity: Songstress: Makes sound based moves have a 100% accuracy (sing buff but would have other applications as well)
Probably just a straight buff to all stats, or buff up that speed stat
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#86
Spheal's my favourite. I'm using one in my current Emerald playthrough. Well, a Walrein anyway. Let's see what Mega Walrein would be like...

Type would probably remain Water/Ice. Stat spread would be 150/80/130/95/110/65, making it awesomely tanky. Ability would change to Ice Body, which regenerates health in Hail. Hell, I'd use it.
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User Info: MrBadinger

4 years ago#87
Nightstar1994 posted...

I see we're your going with it, but I think it could be done better
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User Info: Gameandwatch2

4 years ago#88
Mega Hydreigon.

If it got Sheer Force instead of Levitate plus a speed increase, it would be god-like.
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User Info: TBW4Ever

4 years ago#89
Another case of Mega-Eevee.

110 - All Stats (All the previous Eeveelutions had their second best stat set to 110, maybe 95 if all 110s are too broken even for a mega.)
Ability: Instability - Type changes at the end of every turn and normal type moves are converted to the current type.

More floof, more adorable.

Also it would have been nice had the other Kanto starters gotten X/Y mega-evolutions, particularly since they missed out on a big opportunity for a Water/Steel Blastoise.

User Info: 09stims

4 years ago#90
Mega Leavanny... or Mega Wigglytuff....
AKA: Muffles
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