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Make up your own evolution methods

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User Info: Zer0Degreez

4 years ago#21
Max hatred
a reason to use frustration.
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User Info: Zargerth

4 years ago#22
Some pokes should evolve when they hate their trainers (in other words, when Frustration is as powerful as possible).

Maybe after getting infected with Pokerus? That might be too difficult, since the odds for getting Pokerus are so low.

Alternative forms when leveling up - after reaching the certain lvl (for example, 30) the player could choose between 2 evolutions.

User Info: ChaiGuy6

4 years ago#23
How about if you catch all of the unknowns they merge to create the unknown alphabet pokemon?

User Info: ZarethKnyght

4 years ago#24
With the advent of double and triple battles, would be interesting to see Pokemon evolve if they level at the same time as another type in the party/battle. Can easily make a trio out of this too and make it so that all 3 Pokemon have to be in the battle and level together.

There was another method in my mind but seems to have slipped...oh well.
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User Info: BOBBYJOBE1433

4 years ago#25
Slowpoke can only evolve if a Shellder is in the current team, which is promptly consumed afterwards >:)
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User Info: labyrinth

4 years ago#26
Maybe some sort of Desperation style evolution?

Where a pokemon evolves when they win a battle where they got hit by a Super Effective move?

by Levelling up after ending a battle with yellow or red HP?
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User Info: zane0144

4 years ago#27
I kind of miss beauty evolution from the contest era. Now Milotic needs trade again :(
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User Info: DryGuy84

4 years ago#28
How about a Pokemon that evolves upon maxing out its EV's? It hasn't been done before and Super Training makes it easily accessible.
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User Info: ckross144

4 years ago#29
A.male that only evovles when a female of its species is in your party. A chimera that evolves by eating eggs and absorbing dna
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User Info: Kitazaki_san

4 years ago#30
Evolve after getting a certain amount of steps on your 3DS, maybe?
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