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What are you doing right now?

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
Right now i am soft reseting for a Shiny Zygarde.

It's been past two hours and no shiny yet

What are you doing?
The Official Serena's Sylveon of the Pokemon X board.

User Info: aDirtyShisno

4 years ago#2
I am posting on GameFAQs.
...and he was never heard from again.

User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#3
Trying to catch a (normal) Zygarde now.
3DS FC: 2707-2741-9594
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User Info: MrAtIas

4 years ago#4
Playing League of Legends.
Safari: Skarmory, Ferroseed, and Excadrill. FC: 3351-4630-6995. If you add me, please PM me so I can add you back ASAP :)

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#5
Looking at stuff you don't want to hear about.

User Info: The_Dragonw

4 years ago#6
aDirtyShisno posted...
I am posting on GameFAQs.

Whilst thinking about my Blaze Kick Riolu and Outrage Charmander.

Before you ask:
A) This isn't the place, and

Wait, wait, in addition:

Wondering when the tension will clear between the off topic Safari Topic creators and...the people trying to send them to the right place with...erm...questionable ways of going about it...

*raises Greninja*

Thought you could rest, huh?
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User Info: Alphanumeric

4 years ago#7
someone accidentally WT'd me their everstone. so i'm trying to give it back

User Info: Ether_Sword

4 years ago#8
Breeding Durants.
Currently Playing: Terraia, Pokemon Y
FC: 0576-3995-4484 Safari: Electrode, Electabuzz, Luxio. Name is Ether.


4 years ago#9
I thought the legendaries were shiny locked, anyway, I'm at work, but when I get off, I'm gonna breed a Rapid Spinner/ physical attacker for online battle. Probably gonna be Excadrill.
*Opposing Pokemon leans in to your Pokemon*
"Your mom was a slutty Ditto, you have over 100 siblings with 6 different dads"

User Info: ZarethKnyght

4 years ago#10
XWolfO posted...
Looking at stuff you don't want to hear about.


Dude that got the's not that rare. Don't sweat it.
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ZarethY - 2406 6169 0263: Magmar, Larvesta, and unknown (noE4 yet)
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