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Fixed IVs/natures for in-game trade and event Pokemon?

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User Info: Pictocheat

3 years ago#1
I have a feeling that the Pokemon you get in trades and some event Pokemon have fixed natures and perfect IVs in certain stats. Here's what I found in my game:

Farfetch'd (Santalune City)
Nature: Jolly
Pefect IVs: Attack, Speed

Korrina's Lucario
Nature: Hasty
Perfect IVs: Speed

Bisharp (Snowbelle City)
Nature: Adamant
Perfect IVs: Attack

Shauna's Fennekin
Nature: Modest
Perfect IVs: Special Attack

Diantha's Ralts
Nature: Modest
Perfect IVs: Special Attack, Speed

Nature: Impish (I think this is random)
Perfect IVs: HP, Defense, Special Attack (maybe it's supposed to have at least 3 perfect IVs?)

I don't know about Mewtwo, Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres, or Zygarde yet, but I heard Pokemon that can't breed automatically get 3 perfect IVs. I also don't know about the Chespin or Froakie Shauna would give you if you didn't pick Froakie as your starter.
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User Info: GreatHammurabi

3 years ago#2
Any Pokemon in the 'Undiscovered' Egg group found in the wild automatically has 3, random, perfect IVs. This includes all legendaries, any 'baby' pre-evolutions of certain Pokemon and, for some reason, Nidorina and Nidoqueen.

As for in-game events and trade I'm pretty sure those are all fixed.

Edit: The Nature of Legendaries is not fixed. It's random when you encounter them, as with the distribution of their 3 perfect IVs.
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