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Compare to Ash's anime, how did you fans like the Origins of Red?

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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#31
He wants to be a Pokemon Master, a goal which is never fully explained in the series and that winning a League means you have a shot at the Champion League, which is but a small step towards being considered a Master, as stated in Pokemon DP's series.

This actually reminds me of that one BW episode where Ash and Cameron discussed their goals, then spoke like Pokémon Master and Pokémon League Champion meant different things. Otherwise surely Ash would have banged on about how they're rivals if they were the same wouldn't he?

User Info: Hirokey123

4 years ago#32
Origins was pretty shallow and meh for an anime. The brock fight and the first fight against Green were decent but after that the fights took a horrendous plunge into mediocrity. This may arguably be better than the Kanto anime and maybe even the johto anime arcs but those are also arguably the worst arcs with one being the most shoddy piece of writing to ever hit the screen and another to be plagued by a horrendous amount of filler.

The anime has gotten better not worse and nothing in Origins even remotely comes close to the level of quality the anime actually offers. It;'s literally shameful that they couldn't make a decent Red vs Green league battle when they got that right years ago with Ash vs Gary in Johto.

Origins is good as a short game advertisement and knock back for old fans, it appeals to nostalgia very well and it keeps the feeling of the games well. But Origins was very rushed and I think it has "potential" to be better than the anime but that's all it is, potential.
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User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#33
It was decent, but I still like the Pokemon Adventures manga more. However, Origins is way better than Ash's crappy anime.
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